Chat Log, 21 August, 2002

00:00:07 Michael Coghlan has joined the chat.
00:00:35 Michael Coghlan Test
00:01:02 Dafne Gonzalez has joined the chat.
00:01:15 Dafne Gonzalez Hi Michael
00:02:11 Michael Coghlan Hello Daf
00:02:28 Dafne Gonzalez where are the others?
00:02:31 Michael Coghlan It's a smal chat room isn't it.
00:02:40 Dafne Gonzalez a cozy one
00:02:41 Michael Coghlan I hope the others are coming
00:02:56 Dafne Gonzalez Rita is here somewhere
00:03:08 Michael Coghlan It will be hard to keep up when theyre are lots of people in here
00:03:16 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
00:03:39 Dafne Gonzalez under menu there is the private room feature
00:03:58 Michael Coghlan Yes - I'd like to try that when we'ree all here
00:04:21 Dafne Gonzalez We can change our user name, I do not know where
00:04:38 Michael Coghlan I don't either - probably in your profile
00:04:41 Dafne Gonzalez I would like to use a shorter name
00:04:52 Dafne Gonzalez only Dafne perhaps
00:06:02 Michael Coghlan I can see that Rita is in the site somewhere
00:06:16 Dafne Gonzalez yes
00:07:17 Dafne Gonzalez we can change font color
00:07:35 Michael Coghlan has joined the chat.
00:07:42 Michael Coghlan I'm back
00:08:07 Dafne Gonzalez I wonder if the others got lost
00:08:14 Dafne Gonzalez I lost my TI connection
00:08:20 Michael Coghlan V is still trying to get in
00:08:24 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
00:08:26 Michael Coghlan It's slow
00:08:28 Dafne Gonzalez hi Sus
00:08:29 Susanne Nyrop Hello hello
00:08:38 Michael Coghlan Hi Susanne - well done
00:08:50 Susanne Nyrop I had some messy trouble, so now I know how i shall NOT do next time
00:08:54 Dafne Gonzalez I read your message in the discusson board, Sus
00:08:55 Susanne Nyrop :grins
00:09:04 Susanne Nyrop That's a starter :-)
00:09:12 Michael Coghlan How did you do that Susanne? I couldn't find the post button
00:09:20 Susanne Nyrop I think the discussion group is fine for us
00:09:35 Dafne Gonzalez I have spent the whole morning reading and listening to some of the materials posted in different events
00:09:39 Susanne Nyrop But the format need a little patience
00:10:02 Susanne Nyrop Did any of you check tghe Blog tool yet?
00:10:11 Susanne Nyrop Does not work from my site
00:11:15 Dafne Gonzalez I think they have not started sending comments yet
00:11:24 Michael Coghlan still trying to get V in here. And where's Rita???
00:12:06 Susanne Nyrop WE might ask Rita in a message :-)
00:12:25 Dafne Gonzalez I sent her a message
00:12:40 Dafne Gonzalez she has sent me a message asking how to join us
00:12:52 Susanne Nyrop Good!
00:12:58 Michael Coghlan Can you explain to Rita?
00:13:03 Michael Coghlan while I help Vance
00:13:05 Dafne Gonzalez Rita uploaded her picture
00:13:13 Susanne Nyrop I like that we can see who's here
00:13:17 Dafne Gonzalez yes, I told her we are in the chat
00:13:36 Dafne Gonzalez I think she is the the discussion section
00:13:51 Susanne Nyrop We got two chatrooms, one for each session
00:14:09 Susanne Nyrop I wonder if this chat can be logged and saved
00:15:07 Susanne Nyrop Did you know that about 2.200 participants have registered?
00:15:31 Dafne Gonzalez yes, I saw it this morning
00:15:45 Dafne Gonzalez I got here from my schedule
00:15:56 Susanne Nyrop I like my calendar!
00:16:09 Susanne Nyrop That is an easy way to manage all those offers
00:16:10 Dafne Gonzalez me too
00:16:20 Dafne Gonzalez and the satchel too
00:16:27 Dafne Gonzalez my is already collapsing
00:16:28 Michael Coghlan still with V - it's Very slow for him
00:16:30 Dafne Gonzalez mine
00:16:50 Dafne Gonzalez Rita has not answered my message
00:17:23 Dafne Gonzalez I have just sent her a yahoo message
00:17:29 Susanne Nyrop No, Rita did not reply to my message either
00:18:17 Michael Coghlan v is having big problems
00:18:25 Susanne Nyrop My Yahoo message is down for some reason since last week, must have turned it off because it was annoying me, and cannot find out how to get it back
00:18:32 Michael Coghlan Think the conf erence chat closed his MSN
00:18:47 Susanne Nyrop Poor Vance, sitting that far away and in virtual trouble
00:19:32 Susanne Nyrop He talked about having one programme running only because of bandwidth ( I guess)
00:19:39 Dafne Gonzalez ok I talked to Rita in Yahoo
00:19:45 Michael Coghlan I think we've lost Vance. And he had to go to some cultural show there where he is
00:19:52 Susanne Nyrop And what did our Rita say?
00:19:59 Dafne Gonzalez she is coming
00:20:05 Michael Coghlan Rita is not in Tapped in
00:20:06 Dafne Gonzalez she did not know how to get to the chat
00:20:14 Michael Coghlan Does she know now?
00:20:22 Dafne Gonzalez she said yes
00:20:23 Susanne Nyrop Well, at least we did make it, the three of us :-)
00:20:29 Michael Coghlan t
00:20:35 Michael Coghlan t
00:20:41 Susanne Nyrop I had to leAve TI, too
00:20:51 Dafne Gonzalez me too
00:20:55 Michael Coghlan Message colour....
00:21:06 Michael Coghlan should change!
00:21:29 Susanne Nyrop Daf, your name is not in the Who's here
00:21:31 Dafne Gonzalez I am trying but do not know how
00:21:35 Michael Coghlan colour.....
00:21:44 Michael Coghlan Oh well...
00:21:44 Susanne Nyrop Oh, how colorful :-)
00:21:44 Dafne Gonzalez on my screen it is
00:21:52 Michael Coghlan Ah - not on mine!
00:21:55 Dafne Gonzalez I see my name here
00:22:00 Dafne Gonzalez not the color
00:22:13 Michael Coghlan I don't see Daf either in the who's here l,ist
00:22:17 Susanne Nyrop In the discussion format, I tried to make bold characters and active links ...
00:22:28 Susanne Nyrop but it did not show like that.
00:22:34 Michael Coghlan I see me, Susanne, and Rita!
00:22:40 Dafne Gonzalez Well you are all here on my list
00:22:58 Susanne Nyrop Michael, did you find some way to save this chat log yet?
00:23:28 Michael Coghlan No - but I think that it will probably be automatic - it is usually is in conferences
00:23:49 Dafne Gonzalez changing color
00:23:55 Dafne Gonzalez did it!
00:24:15 Michael Coghlan Daf - are yopu talking to Rita on Yahoo or similar?
00:24:23 Michael Coghlan I see Daf in green now
00:24:29 Dafne Gonzalez on yahoo
00:24:48 Michael Coghlan I wonder what the problem is for her.....
00:25:06 Susanne Nyrop I look red?
00:25:16 Dafne Gonzalez no, Sus
00:25:23 Michael Coghlan Yes you do
00:25:24 Dafne Gonzalez Rita is having a problem
00:25:32 Michael Coghlan What is it?
00:25:35 Dafne Gonzalez I am asking
00:26:17 Susanne Nyrop getting around the different formats is a little tricky, I feel
00:26:19 Dafne Gonzalez I gave her the url
00:26:43 Rita Zeinstejer has joined the chat.
00:26:43 Dafne Gonzalez the best way to go around is through your schedule
00:26:48 Dafne Gonzalez hi Rita
00:26:54 Dafne Gonzalez you finally made it
00:26:59 Michael Coghlan You made it Rita - well done
00:27:03 Rita Zeinstejer wsorry, peolp, had a problem with my mailbox...
00:27:08 Susanne Nyrop I would also love a larger chat text field - I can read only 13 lines at a time
00:27:12 Susanne Nyrop Oh, Rita!
00:27:16 Susanne Nyrop Hugs to you'
00:27:21 Rita Zeinstejer (thanks, dear Daf!)
00:27:34 Dafne Gonzalez :hugs Rita
00:27:36 Michael Coghlan Me too Susanne - the window is quit small. I don't likre it
00:28:08 Michael Coghlan OK I want to try the private room feature
00:28:15 Dafne Gonzalez ok
00:28:20 Susanne Nyrop Anyway, I am so very happy that I CAN make it here from my homely mac connection
00:28:21 Michael Coghlan I'll ask someone to join me there. OK?
00:28:29 Susanne Nyrop Ok
00:28:30 Dafne Gonzalez fine
00:28:37 Rita Zeinstejer ok, Michael
00:28:58 Dafne Gonzalez Rita do you see my name online on your Who's here?
00:29:15 Rita Zeinstejer yes, Micchael
00:29:37 Rita Zeinstejer not now...
00:29:43 Susanne Nyrop Daf, I still don't see your name, so i would not be able to invite you
00:30:18 Susanne Nyrop Oh, interesting .- they left for the private room and lost connection here
00:30:32 Rita Zeinstejer where is it, Sus?
00:30:54 Susanne Nyrop Michael has invited daf - read the HELP file
00:31:08 Michael Coghlan has joined the chat.
00:31:13 Susanne Nyrop I want to save this chat! But we do not know how to do so
00:31:20 Michael Coghlan Back again - did I disappear?
00:31:25 Dafne Gonzalez has joined the chat.
00:31:25 Susanne Nyrop Yes you did
00:31:33 Dafne Gonzalez hi I am back
00:31:36 Susanne Nyrop both of you vanished
00:31:47 Michael Coghlan OK - so you can only be one chat at a time
00:32:04 Dafne Gonzalez yes, it is not like in yahoo
00:32:17 Rita Zeinstejer how to go to the private chat, Michael'
00:32:46 Susanne Nyrop t
00:33:12 Dafne Gonzalez and when you go back to the first one, you have lost all the previous text
00:33:21 Michael Coghlan I seleceted a name and then the private room option from the scroll donwmenu
00:33:32 Michael Coghlan Yes Daf - that's correct
00:33:35 Rita Zeinstejer thanks, Mike
00:33:45 Susanne Nyrop I cannot save this, and i would love to.
00:34:00 Michael Coghlan Can I try getting 2 people in a private room?
00:34:01 Rita Zeinstejer t
00:34:09 Susanne Nyrop We do not get the chatlog mailed, i have been here before
00:34:19 Dafne Gonzalez me too
00:34:26 Michael Coghlan I'll try Suanne and Rita
00:34:35 Dafne Gonzalez the only way is copying and pasting, maybe
00:34:38 Susanne Nyrop And, i cannot select aand copy either
00:34:53 Rita Zeinstejer i cant, either
00:34:54 Michael Coghlan JNope - cant' get 2 people into a private rooom
00:34:56 Susanne Nyrop That's what i thought of, too
00:34:59 Dafne Gonzalez And, i cannot select aand copy either
00:35:11 Susanne Nyrop And, i cannot select aand copy either
00:35:21 Dafne Gonzalez you know, what you wrote, appeared on my text window
00:35:21 Susanne Nyrop Hey, what is that
00:36:04 Michael Coghlan Yes - if you click on someone else's text it comes to your own window - strange
00:36:10 Dafne Gonzalez if you put your cursor over a sentence, it goes to your text window
00:36:19 Dafne Gonzalez lol
00:36:20 Susanne Nyrop I have been to the webcrossing chat software homepage, they do not mention the save option
00:36:36 Susanne Nyrop if you put your cursor over a sentence, it goes to your text window
00:36:39 Michael Coghlan Is this WebCrossign software Susanne?
00:36:39 Susanne Nyrop grins
00:36:46 Dafne Gonzalez grins
00:36:51 Susanne Nyrop That is a parrot function
00:36:57 Dafne Gonzalez That is a parrot function
00:36:58 Susanne Nyrop Yes, it is
00:37:00 Rita Zeinstejer :grins
00:37:07 Dafne Gonzalez lol
00:37:10 Susanne Nyrop Did you check out the help files?
00:37:16 Rita Zeinstejer i did
00:37:20 Dafne Gonzalez yes, i did
00:37:35 Susanne Nyrop We might ask some techie about this
00:37:41 Michael Coghlan No mention of chat logs or similar
00:37:45 Dafne Gonzalez no
00:37:46 Susanne Nyrop Nope
00:37:53 Michael Coghlan Yes we should. I will if you like
00:37:54 Susanne Nyrop Too silly :-(
00:38:04 Susanne Nyrop Please do, Mike
00:38:13 Rita Zeinstejer its Microsoft general help, it says
00:38:32 Dafne Gonzalez so, how will we deal with the chat event?
00:38:32 Michael Coghlan Well that's all I can do for now. I have to go.
00:38:36 Susanne Nyrop (o-O) may we call you Mike?
00:38:39 Michael Coghlan OKn - Daf has a q!
00:38:41 Susanne Nyrop OK,
00:39:09 Michael Coghlan You can call me anyhting Susanne. Most people call me Michael but I don't mind Mike
00:39:35 Dafne Gonzalez if we split in different rooms we will be isolated from the others
00:39:43 Rita Zeinstejer (sorry, Michael, just called you Mike without asking...)
00:39:50 Susanne Nyrop We can continue exploring this tech aspect of the conference in the discussion group I think?
00:40:05 Michael Coghlan Re the chat session Daf - I think it is reasonabley clear now- We seeem to agree on the basic format in our email discussions oveer the last few days
00:40:27 Dafne Gonzalez yes, that is clear
00:40:46 Susanne Nyrop Yes - I suggest that private chatrooms are not very useful during this session - unless you have lots and lots of people and wish them to get together in pairs
00:41:03 Susanne Nyrop Clear to me, too
00:41:12 Michael Coghlan I'll be online tomorrow at this time if you have any questions then. I agree Susanne
00:41:13 Rita Zeinstejer yes, its clear now
00:41:24 Susanne Nyrop I'll try to meet you then
00:41:25 Dafne Gonzalez so, we will stay here
00:41:36 Susanne Nyrop What time do you have now, Micahel?
00:41:39 Michael Coghlan I might check if I can add some other chat rooms though inca se we get a lot of people
00:41:40 Rita Zeinstejer meet you here, then tomorrow, same time
00:41:52 Michael Coghlan Here now it is 11.14 pm
00:42:06 Susanne Nyrop !5:42 here
00:42:16 Dafne Gonzalez same here
00:42:16 Rita Zeinstejer 10.45 am
00:42:24 Susanne Nyrop Good!
00:42:37 Michael Coghlan And it's about 7 pm in Inmdia for Vance
00:42:48 Susanne Nyrop yes
00:43:01 Michael Coghlan OK. Everyone feeling happy?
00:43:09 Dafne Gonzalez yes,
00:43:12 Dafne Gonzalez excited
00:43:13 Rita Zeinstejer yes...
00:43:13 Susanne Nyrop Very happy about this opportunity
00:43:15 Rita Zeinstejer thrilled
00:43:24 Michael Coghlan Me too. Might also be a bit scary!
00:43:29 Dafne Gonzalez many interesting events in the conference
00:43:32 Rita Zeinstejer I knoW!!!!
00:43:40 Susanne Nyrop New places are always a challenge
00:43:46 Michael Coghlan But webheads have coped woth this kind of things before. We'll be fine
00:43:53 Dafne Gonzalez sure
00:44:10 Rita Zeinstejer feel m ore confident now
00:44:10 Susanne Nyrop That is a good luggage to travel with, and good company, too
00:44:33 Dafne Gonzalez so, see you all tomorrow
00:44:34 Michael Coghlan OK - I have one more thign to do befoire I go to bed so I'd better and go and do it. See here tomorrow night if we need
00:44:40 Susanne Nyrop A kind of fellowship is developing
00:44:45 Dafne Gonzalez the discussion starts tomorrow, right?
00:44:49 Susanne Nyrop Sleep tight, Mike
00:44:50 Michael Coghlan Goodnight from down here
00:44:57 Dafne Gonzalez night, Michael
00:44:59 Rita Zeinstejer good night, Mike!
00:44:59 Michael Coghlan Have a nice day Rita!
00:45:09 Rita Zeinstejer thanks, Mike
00:45:25 Dafne Gonzalez this is exciting!
00:45:30 Rita Zeinstejer ok, Daf, you saved my skin today...
00:45:38 Susanne Nyrop I already opened the discussion :-)
00:45:53 Dafne Gonzalez yes, and it is sent to our email
00:46:04 Susanne Nyrop Yes, Rita, it is so good to know how we can guide each other to the right place
00:46:19 Dafne Gonzalez I have to check why I am not seeing online by you
00:46:29 Dafne Gonzalez yahoo is always handy
00:46:31 Susanne Nyrop Maybe you should logoff and return?
00:46:32 Rita Zeinstejer im far from a techie...
00:46:49 Dafne Gonzalez I am even farther
00:46:56 Susanne Nyrop Rita, neither am I - but together we are stronger
00:47:05 Susanne Nyrop :grins
00:47:09 Dafne Gonzalez collaboration and interaction
00:47:37 Rita Zeinstejer its really incredible to be sharing so much...
00:47:38 Susanne Nyrop Expore and experience
00:47:48 Dafne Gonzalez t
00:47:53 Rita Zeinstejer i had a ppt present and talk
00:47:53 Susanne Nyrop Explore & etc :-)
00:47:57 Rita Zeinstejer last saturday
00:48:06 Susanne Nyrop :listen to Rit
00:48:06 Rita Zeinstejer and talked about you...
00:48:23 Dafne Gonzalez what was your pres. about Rita?
00:48:36 Rita Zeinstejer the topic was CCM tools for lang learning
00:48:54 Susanne Nyrop A very familiar topic :-)
00:48:54 Rita Zeinstejer and teachers were amazed!
00:49:13 Rita Zeinstejer nobody knew anything about it
00:49:25 Dafne Gonzalez it also happenend at Michael's pres. on tuesday
00:49:34 Rita Zeinstejer so a MOO seemed like a topic of next century
00:50:00 Rita Zeinstejer (felt so proud...;-))
00:50:05 Susanne Nyrop :smiles, same here, people nearly do not beleive me when i try to explain how strong this networking can be
00:50:23 Rita Zeinstejer mainly thec PEOPLE
00:50:33 Rita Zeinstejer the people, you, i mean
00:50:47 Rita Zeinstejer alwais ready to give, share,
00:50:54 Rita Zeinstejer guide
00:50:55 Dafne Gonzalez I am always talking about Webheads to all my friends
00:51:11 Susanne Nyrop Did you go for the upcoming betatesting of the newTapped In environment?
00:51:32 Dafne Gonzalez no, what is it about, Sus?
00:51:34 Rita Zeinstejer no, Sus..., where?
00:51:40 Susanne Nyrop I could not resist the temptation
00:52:22 Susanne Nyrop Well, I might have been invited, I thought it was on a general invitation to the community
00:52:46 Susanne Nyrop Donna knows about it, and Judi and BJ, of course
00:53:03 Dafne Gonzalez what do you have to do?
00:53:31 Rita Zeinstejer Im all eyes...
00:53:38 Susanne Nyrop We're gonna have a brand new interface, I think it is UNIX Based, not a MOO - but many of the beloved fulctions
00:53:57 Susanne Nyrop I guess I have to participate and tell wshat I feel about it
00:54:04 Rita Zeinstejer whats the difference, Sus?
00:54:10 Dafne Gonzalez what are the new features?
00:54:11 Susanne Nyrop They have spoken about this for more than a year
00:54:18 Dafne Gonzalez yes, I have heard
00:54:27 Susanne Nyrop It will be tested from next month
00:54:41 Susanne Nyrop I will keep you oriented, then
00:54:47 Dafne Gonzalez Will we keep our offices?
00:54:55 Susanne Nyrop Well...
00:55:45 Susanne Nyrop I really hope offices Will still be there
00:56:06 Susanne Nyrop and there will be a drawboard, and a sound/voice chat tool
00:56:30 Susanne Nyrop I've seen a glimpse some time ago
00:56:56 Dafne Gonzalez I heard we will not have our pets there
00:57:07 Rita Zeinstejer will it have a different look, then
00:57:24 Dafne Gonzalez btw, the new yahoo messenger has a drawboard
00:57:34 Susanne Nyrop Yes, no pets allowed any mmore :-)
00:57:36 Dafne Gonzalez I downloaded it yesterday
00:57:45 Susanne Nyrop Cool!
00:58:13 Rita Zeinstejer have you uesd it, Daf, same as others?
00:58:15 Dafne Gonzalez I imagine that food will not be allowed either
00:58:25 Rita Zeinstejer ll
00:58:26 Dafne Gonzalez I used it with a student last night
00:58:27 Rita Zeinstejer lol
00:58:36 Susanne Nyrop I have also seen that there is a beta version fcr a new yahoo messenger for macintosh, with a webcam function!!!
00:58:56 Rita Zeinstejer wow, youll be able to use that, Sus!
00:59:00 Susanne Nyrop I need a toliet break, girls
00:59:09 Dafne Gonzalez it is not as good as the groupboard, but it is fun
00:59:21 Dafne Gonzalez I need a lunch break
00:59:39 Dafne Gonzalez see you tomorrow?
00:59:42 Rita Zeinstejer (and hubby is restless ...)
00:59:54 Rita Zeinstejer yes, girls!
01:00:01 Rita Zeinstejer enjoy oyur Sun!
01:00:01 Dafne Gonzalez what time?
01:00:25 Dafne Gonzalez I am always worried about the time
01:00:40 Rita Zeinstejer at least 2 hs before now ill be here
01:00:55 Rita Zeinstejer (if im clear ;-))
01:01:00 Dafne Gonzalez noon GMT
01:01:05 Susanne Nyrop OK, see ya
01:01:09 Rita Zeinstejer cool!
01:01:13 Dafne Gonzalez bye Girls
01:01:20 Rita Zeinstejer bye!
01:01:20 Dafne Gonzalez nice sharing once more
01:01:23 Rita Zeinstejer hugs!!
01:01:38 Susanne Nyrop :hugs the two of you
01:01:50 Dafne Gonzalez kisses Sus and Rita
01:01:56 Susanne Nyrop Yes, this was a good session, after all
01:02:04 Rita Zeinstejer .hugs and kisses 2 friends
01:02:09 Dafne Gonzalez bfn
01:02:16 Susanne Nyrop See you
01:02:28 Rita Zeinstejer (no icons to click...)
01:02:47 Susanne Nyrop No nothing
01:02:58 Susanne Nyrop It is just naked
01:03:10 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
01:03:19 Dafne Gonzalez has joined the chat.
01:03:53 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
01:04:06 Susanne Nyrop Oh, hello Daf :-)
01:04:21 Susanne Nyrop I'm still not very confortable here.
01:04:53 Dafne Gonzalez hi
01:05:02 Dafne Gonzalez I was sending a message to Chris
01:05:31 Dafne Gonzalez I have been trying to participate in a discussion but the message board has no reply button
01:06:07 Dafne Gonzalez Ours do, because I answered yours a while ago
01:06:28 Susanne Nyrop Well, I do think I found a reply button in our discussion, but do not ask me how :-)
01:06:35 Susanne Nyrop Yes, I read your reply
01:07:05 Dafne Gonzalez the button was just there, under the message, but in this discussion there was only the help button
01:07:24 Susanne Nyrop I love our good old Tapped In better and better :-)
01:07:33 Chris Jones has joined the chat.
01:07:37 Dafne Gonzalez yes
01:07:38 Susanne Nyrop Mysterious - did you subscribe to it yet?
01:07:41 Dafne Gonzalez hi Chris
01:07:43 Susanne Nyrop :hugs Chris
01:07:57 Susanne Nyrop welcome among friends
01:08:01 Chris Jones Hi, Dafne and Susanne, I found my way here!
01:08:11 Susanne Nyrop yes, you sure did :-)
01:08:11 Dafne Gonzalez good for you!
01:08:43 Chris Jones I also discovered the Guide which helps me understand the satchel, etc. better.
01:08:48 Dafne Gonzalez I feel kind of claustrophobic here
01:09:09 Chris Jones Did you get the packet that was mailed out? If so, what is in it?
01:09:10 Dafne Gonzalez my satchel is already crowded
01:09:23 Dafne Gonzalez no, I have not gotten it yet
01:09:25 Susanne Nyrop Daf, for what ourposze do you like that satchel?
01:09:50 Dafne Gonzalez because I have the documents I need to read handy
01:10:07 Susanne Nyrop In the packet is: a mouse mat, a plastic bag, a clock in cardbolard to put on your door...
01:10:07 Dafne Gonzalez without jumping from event to event.
01:10:30 Chris Jones I'm glad to try out this chat. I was afraid I'd need to download something.
01:10:56 Dafne Gonzalez no, the site is pretty cool, except for this chat
01:11:04 Susanne Nyrop some pages that you can read online... a nd a CD-rom that I cannot open on Mac - but it contains some help programmes for windows, plus the sound files so that you can hear speakers offline.
01:11:34 Dafne Gonzalez I have been listening and reading a lot these last two days
01:11:50 Dafne Gonzalez there are very interesting events and materials
01:11:58 Susanne Nyrop I lkie the conference a lot - remember that our WIA fellowship role is always to be the critical test user :-)
01:12:06 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
01:12:23 Susanne Nyrop Yes, I lkie the broad mix of many teaching aspects
01:12:31 Chris Jones I was surprised that some events don't have a paper, just a discussion topic with a few paragraphs to explain it.
01:12:52 Dafne Gonzalez while others have lots of materials
01:13:02 Susanne Nyrop Chris, I thiink that many of the presenters are very practically oriented teachers
01:13:23 Dafne Gonzalez I am trying to vote in the poll next to this window, but get an error
01:13:25 Chris Jones I was looking to see if you can print out the chat, but I don't see how.
01:13:32 Susanne Nyrop I like that there is a variety of formats, too
01:13:46 Dafne Gonzalez no, we tried this afternoon.
01:13:47 Susanne Nyrop Chris, trhat is the very point - you can't!!!
01:13:59 Susanne Nyrop At lease WE do not know yet how to do so.
01:14:19 Susanne Nyrop I do not see any way to save the messenger neither
01:14:22 Dafne Gonzalez and if you go to a private room, you miss all the information in the main room
01:14:52 Susanne Nyrop Yes, that is too bad. I think that webCroissing is an older tool that has had a brush-up
01:14:53 Dafne Gonzalez when you come back the previous text is missing
01:15:29 Chris Jones Dafne, your message comes out green on my screen. How did you change the color?
01:15:36 Susanne Nyrop In the menu
01:16:05 Susanne Nyrop I'm now typing in red
01:16:21 Susanne Nyrop Good effect
01:16:28 Chris Jones I tried to change mine to red.
01:16:34 Chris Jones but it didn't work.
01:16:54 Susanne Nyrop You will have to decide HOW red, zero or 100 %
01:16:56 Dafne Gonzalez try the key F9
01:17:26 Chris Jones Let me type first then choose a color.
01:17:52 Susanne Nyrop Try the opposite way round, Chris
01:17:55 Chris Jones Is this blue?
01:18:03 Dafne Gonzalez no
01:18:11 Susanne Nyrop The color shows as you type so you have to try again
01:18:14 Dafne Gonzalez you will see the color on the top
01:18:24 Chris Jones It doesn't work either way. How do i Put in the 100%?
01:18:37 Susanne Nyrop This is Green 151
01:18:43 Dafne Gonzalez click in the bar in the middle until you get the color you want
01:18:46 Susanne Nyrop There is a scroll bar
01:19:21 Susanne Nyrop This is a mix of all three colors
01:19:49 Dafne Gonzalez let me check this color
01:19:49 Chris Jones Hmm. Not working.
01:20:11 Susanne Nyrop t
01:20:30 Dafne Gonzalez t
01:20:30 Chris Jones O.K. I finally got it! ;-)
01:20:38 Dafne Gonzalez great
01:20:39 Susanne Nyrop Blue blue
01:20:55 Susanne Nyrop At least this is functional :-)
01:21:13 Susanne Nyrop I took a screenshot
01:21:21 Chris Jones I guess you could also type in the color number if you knew it.
01:21:31 Dafne Gonzalez yes, I guess so
01:21:40 Susanne Nyrop Theoretically one could take a shot for the most important messages
01:21:59 Susanne Nyrop ccc
01:21:59 Chris Jones Yes, but the message screen is small.
01:22:10 Dafne Gonzalez for our chat we can have different font colors to recognize our messages
01:22:24 Dafne Gonzalez veryyyyyyy small
01:22:38 Susanne Nyrop It is very small, I can only read 13 lines at a time. I miss the pasteboard and the detaqch function from my tapestry
01:23:05 Dafne Gonzalez there is a parrot function
01:23:12 Dafne Gonzalez It is very small, I can only read 13 lines at a time. I miss the pasteboard and the detaqch function from my tapestry
01:23:12 Susanne Nyrop there is a parrot function
01:23:19 Chris Jones At least, you can scroll back to the beginning if you want.
01:23:19 Dafne Gonzalez lol
01:23:20 Susanne Nyrop Grins
01:23:34 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
01:23:36 Chris Jones What is a parrot function?
01:23:42 Dafne Gonzalez Grins
01:23:45 Dafne Gonzalez What is a parrot function?
01:24:03 Dafne Gonzalez click on a message and it will be copied
01:24:14 Chris Jones click on a message and it will be copied
01:24:19 Chris Jones Cool!
01:25:09 Dafne Gonzalez have you tried the poll on your right?
01:25:17 Susanne Nyrop it does not work for me
01:25:28 Susanne Nyrop The poll give me an error message
01:25:33 Dafne Gonzalez same here
01:25:45 Chris Jones I haven't tried the poll yet.
01:26:19 Dafne Gonzalez have you seen the cool tools section, Sus
01:26:38 Dafne Gonzalez I downloaded a crossword generator
01:26:44 Susanne Nyrop I also find that it is annoying that one cannot meet strangers spontaneously here in the chatroom - we miss a kind of reception or water cooler corner
01:27:02 Susanne Nyrop ALL cool tools are for Windows I am afraid.
01:27:06 Dafne Gonzalez yes, there should be a general chat room
01:27:38 Dafne Gonzalez like a cafe, or a bar
01:27:45 Susanne Nyrop We ought to tell them how much we miss that :-)
01:27:46 Dafne Gonzalez for informal conversations
01:28:01 Dafne Gonzalez yes :-))
01:28:56 Susanne Nyrop Well, anyway, now we do know that we can use many things here, and learn a lot about how to do - and how to make it better :-))
01:29:12 Dafne Gonzalez yes
01:29:18 Susanne Nyrop It is very fine to be testing as a team
01:29:34 Susanne Nyrop we lost Chris - did she say goodbye?
01:29:38 Dafne Gonzalez we are a great "exploring" team
01:29:51 Dafne Gonzalez I don't think so
01:30:04 Susanne Nyrop One gets into a certain kind of habit, wshen it comes to usability tesating :-)
01:30:31 Susanne Nyrop did you ever read Donald Norman?
01:30:56 Dafne Gonzalez no, I lost the paper when I got the virus in my desk top computer
01:31:08 Dafne Gonzalez I lost many papers
01:31:30 Dafne Gonzalez I am not using my backflip
01:31:39 Dafne Gonzalez shame on me :-((
01:32:19 Dafne Gonzalez many discussions are now open
01:32:24 Dafne Gonzalez including ours
01:32:48 Susanne Nyrop Yes, ours are open
01:33:35 Susanne Nyrop i stopped the backfilp and turned to iKeepBookmarks, for me they're easier to edit
01:33:46 Dafne Gonzalez I wonder if you go to another section you get out of the chat
01:33:51 Susanne Nyrop Too bad abolut losing papers
01:34:04 Chris Jones has joined the chat.
01:34:07 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
01:34:13 Dafne Gonzalez wb, Chris
01:34:19 Susanne Nyrop yes, I think you do get thrown off, unless you open a new page
01:34:29 Susanne Nyrop Chris, nice to see you again
01:34:29 Chris Jones Sorry, I voted in the poll and then couldn't get back into the chat.
01:34:40 Dafne Gonzalez I imagined that
01:34:53 Susanne Nyrop Girs
01:35:10 Dafne Gonzalez if you save our discussion in your schedule it is easy to come here from there
01:35:12 Chris Jones When I voted, I got a message that I had already voted and that 17 other people had voted.
01:35:28 Dafne Gonzalez did you get the results?
01:35:35 Susanne Nyrop Girls, I have a surprise : i have taken screenshots of this whole conversation, window by window
01:35:45 Chris Jones O.K. I'll try that next time.
01:35:47 Susanne Nyrop I still see that only one has taken that poll
01:35:57 Dafne Gonzalez but screenshots are very heavy files
01:36:08 Dafne Gonzalez me too, Sus
01:36:13 Chris Jones It showed up in a new window after I voted. Then I couldn't get back to the chat.
01:36:28 Susanne Nyrop Yes, I know, screenshots cannot be used for much
01:36:34 Dafne Gonzalez I am going to try
01:36:47 Chris Jones This window with the chat in the middle says only 1 person has voted so far.
01:36:49 Susanne Nyrop She left us
01:36:53 Dafne Gonzalez has joined the chat.
01:37:01 Susanne Nyrop She's back :-)
01:37:02 Dafne Gonzalez I am back
01:37:13 Dafne Gonzalez same error message
01:37:16 Susanne Nyrop Is it the same poll?
01:37:16 Chris Jones You were quick. What happened?
01:37:22 Dafne Gonzalez then click on the back button
01:37:37 Chris Jones My question is How often do you use live chats?
01:37:51 Susanne Nyrop same here
01:38:09 Dafne Gonzalez I voted for "daily" and it says there that my vote was "abstain"
01:38:12 Susanne Nyrop Did you vore for daily or weekly?
01:38:16 Chris Jones I'm using IE 6.0. Maybe that makes a difference.
01:38:17 Susanne Nyrop ROFL
01:38:19 Dafne Gonzalez then, below there is a message error
01:38:31 Chris Jones I voted for monthly.
01:38:41 Susanne Nyrop I'm using IE 5.0 that should be enough
01:38:56 Susanne Nyrop well, Daf and I are in the habit
01:38:56 Dafne Gonzalez how do I know which one I am using?
01:39:12 Chris Jones When I got bumped, I tried to get in using Netscape 4.74, and that didn't work at all.
01:39:14 Dafne Gonzalez now, my students contact me everyday
01:39:34 Susanne Nyrop They still do?
01:39:37 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
01:39:44 Susanne Nyrop you have created bonding
01:40:01 Susanne Nyrop and friendship
01:40:05 Dafne Gonzalez they call me to try new tools, and to ask questions
01:40:12 Dafne Gonzalez and just to say hello
01:40:22 Susanne Nyrop that's a wonderful follow of your engagement
01:40:23 Chris Jones At the top of your IE screen, look under Help/About Internet Explorer. However, it will take you to a different page and maybe out of chat.
01:40:25 Dafne Gonzalez they even give me reports about the political situation in my country
01:40:35 Susanne Nyrop Open a new window
01:41:12 Susanne Nyrop I often work in more winows to prevent from getting logeed off somewhere
01:41:36 Chris Jones I think it's great that Dafne's course is going so well using so many of the things we learned in webheads.
01:42:12 Susanne Nyrop Yes! That was a very helpful teamwork we developed during those eight weeks
01:42:37 Susanne Nyrop Learning by doing, just in time
01:42:42 Dafne Gonzalez I have version 5
01:42:54 Dafne Gonzalez We have a new message in our discussion board
01:42:55 Chris Jones I just opened a new window to the blogging. Have you tried it?
01:43:04 Susanne Nyrop That should be perfect, according to the intro file'
01:43:15 Susanne Nyrop Can you blog?
01:44:06 Chris Jones No to blogging. I just learned a little about it from webheads.
01:44:45 Dafne Gonzalez Sus, we have a reply to our messages on timezones
01:45:03 Susanne Nyrop But I asked bec ause I was not even able to get to this Blog site before. Now I see that it is open, but still not for entries
01:45:25 Susanne Nyrop I do have a blog somewhere else that i have not folloed up
01:45:42 Susanne Nyrop but this blog seem to be like the water cooler we were askfing for
01:45:57 Susanne Nyrop Yes, daf
01:46:24 Susanne Nyrop Who has sent a reply?
01:46:28 Chris Jones So far there are not entries.
01:46:34 Dafne Gonzalez Nancy White
01:46:51 Susanne Nyrop Nancy white!!! She's a legend!
01:46:54 Susanne Nyrop Cool
01:46:58 Dafne Gonzalez is she?
01:47:32 Dafne Gonzalez Those gaps of timezones can also make some folks feel left out of the rhythm of a group which is predominantly in a cluster of closer timezones. You can "miss" a conversation or feel it has passed you by, even in an asynchronous setting. Do you think that setting some ground rules around response times helps this, or just artificially stifles? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
01:47:41 Dafne Gonzalez that's her message
01:47:46 Susanne Nyrop yes, very famous in the field (at leasdt I do remember her name from other places)
01:48:02 Susanne Nyrop A very good start of our discussion.
01:48:16 Susanne Nyrop I guess michael will be happy, too
01:48:21 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
01:48:41 Dafne Gonzalez what time is it now in Australia?
01:48:56 Susanne Nyrop Did you make rules for respond time, daf, in your architecture class?
01:49:00 Chris Jones I was off looking up Nancy's post.
01:49:21 Dafne Gonzalez no, I did not
01:49:25 Susanne Nyrop Well, I think it is 07:30 AEST
01:49:43 Dafne Gonzalez Michael is still sleeping
01:49:47 Susanne Nyrop Chris, what timezone do you have?
01:50:06 Susanne Nyrop We're working for him while he is asleep
01:50:06 Chris Jones I've felt left out of the Tapped In sessions as I just can't make it out of bed AND be coherent at 5 a.m. my time.
01:50:40 Dafne Gonzalez I would feel the same way
01:50:41 Chris Jones I'm on Arizona Standard Time, the same a Pacific Daylight Time.
01:50:49 Susanne Nyrop I can understand, Webheads Sunday class is for a diffeerent timezone that yours :-)
01:51:17 Susanne Nyrop I often feel very lost in Tapped In before i met webheads because most sessions were in the middle of MY night
01:51:32 Chris Jones Still I'd like to participate. That's why I did a lot the week of TESOL when everything was in my timezone.
01:52:04 Susanne Nyrop Then I guess you would not like to meet Michael and us here, tomorrow morning at 5 am?
01:52:17 Chris Jones Elizabeth H did a discussion in Tapped In at a very good time. That's the only practice I've had.
01:52:29 Dafne Gonzalez I am eagerly waiting for the next EVOnline sessions
01:52:46 Chris Jones 5 a.m. who's time? and are you talking about Monday or Tuesday? It's Sunday here.
01:52:54 Susanne Nyrop You can easily find relevant sessions in tapped In to join, in Arizona-friendly hours
01:52:55 Dafne Gonzalez a little bit disappointed because Vance will not be the moderator
01:53:17 Chris Jones Suzanne, that's true, but I just haven't taken the time.
01:53:27 Susanne Nyrop WE decided to make a nother try tomorrow, at 12 GMT
01:53:28 Dafne Gonzalez it is still Sunday here
01:53:48 Dafne Gonzalez Michael has to follow the forum discussion
01:54:16 Chris Jones Monday is a crazy day for me. My first class is at 10:50 a.m., and my last one ends at 9:30.
01:54:31 Susanne Nyrop Daf, Michael is in his Aussie environment
01:54:45 Susanne Nyrop well, Chris, now you made it, with us today
01:55:02 Dafne Gonzalez Sus, your name is not under who's here
01:55:16 Susanne Nyrop Did I disappear, how weird
01:55:23 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
01:55:30 Chris Jones Neither of your names show under Who's Here.
01:55:46 Chris Jones I think it's because we're in chat.
01:55:48 Dafne Gonzalez I see mine and Chris
01:55:59 Susanne Nyrop Hm. I think they're still having a few bugs around
01:56:26 Susanne Nyrop I see you two,plsu cath, mary, Noel & Virginia
01:56:53 Dafne Gonzalez I have Ian Phillips and Chris Alexander
01:57:05 Susanne Nyrop And, i wonder who THey are
01:57:14 Chris Jones I've got 2 windows open. They show different names. I think the Who's here doesn't Refresh on its own.
01:57:20 Susanne Nyrop Incredible, so this is not very reliable
01:57:34 Chris Jones I have the same as Dafne.
01:57:46 Susanne Nyrop interesting theory, Chris
01:57:47 Dafne Gonzalez that's weird
01:58:05 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
01:58:18 Chris Jones When I got bumped out of chat, I tried to send youboth a live message, and it came back that you weren't available.
01:58:27 Susanne Nyrop I updated, and lost my chat
01:58:35 Dafne Gonzalez I got it after you had joined us
01:58:54 Dafne Gonzalez how do you update?
01:58:57 Chris Jones That's good. I thought it just bounced back to me.
01:59:18 Dafne Gonzalez but messages take a while
01:59:30 Susanne Nyrop By now i see peter holloman, Robby W, Maryanne R, Jan Whitaker, and chris (but No Daf)
01:59:53 Dafne Gonzalez how do you update?
01:59:58 Susanne Nyrop In my button bar of the IE browser, here is an update function
02:00:15 Dafne Gonzalez I thought it was here
02:00:29 Susanne Nyrop I thought you did
02:00:30 Chris Jones I have only Robby, Vivian, and Maryann.
02:00:30 Dafne Gonzalez has joined the chat.
02:00:39 Dafne Gonzalez did the same
02:01:04 Dafne Gonzalez now I have a bunch of people there
02:01:07 Susanne Nyrop Well, by now i got enough, it is close to Danish midnight
02:01:09 Dafne Gonzalez Sus included
02:01:15 Susanne Nyrop You do?
02:01:21 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
02:01:35 Susanne Nyrop They should have some bug report mailbox somewhere
02:02:05 Dafne Gonzalez maybe on the home page
02:02:14 Susanne Nyrop :hugs you goog
02:02:15 Chris Jones Maybe you could just report it to Support Services.
02:02:20 Susanne Nyrop dnight
02:02:26 Dafne Gonzalez I got to go too
02:02:26 Susanne Nyrop Goodnite :-)
02:02:32 Chris Jones Nice talking to you both.
02:02:37 Susanne Nyrop YES
02:02:37 Dafne Gonzalez same here
02:02:47 Chris Jones Till later in the week.
02:02:50 Dafne Gonzalez sleep tight
02:02:54 Susanne Nyrop See you later, and keep the kettle b io
02:03:05 Susanne Nyrop boiling in the discussion area
02:03:11 Dafne Gonzalez you too
02:03:17 Susanne Nyrop sweet dreams
02:03:26 Dafne Gonzalez same to you, Sus
02:03:45 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
02:03:49 Fiona Hennig has joined the chat.
02:03:57 Aiden Yeh has joined the chat.
02:05:37 Aiden Yeh 4 has joined the chat.
02:12:31 Aiden Yeh has joined the chat.
02:12:31 Rose Grozdanic has joined the chat.
02:12:45 Rose Grozdanic this is a test
02:12:49 Rose Grozdanic speaking to myself
02:12:49 Rose Grozdanic has joined the chat.
02:13:02 Maryanne Richardson has joined the chat.
02:13:11 Dafne Gonzalez has joined the chat.
02:13:27 Dafne Gonzalez 2 has joined the chat.
02:14:00 Dafne Gonzalez has joined the chat.
02:14:20 Michael Coghlan has joined the chat.
02:14:29 Dafne Gonzalez hi Michael
02:14:40 Michael Coghlan Hi Dafne. Vance is trying to come here again
02:14:52 Dafne Gonzalez yes, I just sent him a message
02:15:19 Dafne Gonzalez he is in the site already
02:15:46 Dafne Gonzalez We have had a great participation
02:16:27 Michael Coghlan Yes it's good isn't it! V is having trouble....
02:17:41 Michael Coghlan Baack in a minute Daf
02:18:03 Michael Coghlan has joined the chat.
02:19:36 Dafne Gonzalez I am talking to VAnce on MSN
02:19:44 Michael Coghlan Me too
02:20:29 Dafne Gonzalez I had some problems last night getting to some events, I had to unregister and then register again to have access to the discussions
02:20:46 Michael Coghlan That sounds frustrating
02:21:09 Vance Stevens has joined the chat.
02:21:14 Michael Coghlan Hooray!
02:21:32 Vance Stevens does this work
02:21:37 Michael Coghlan Yep
02:21:41 Vance Stevens yep, got it
02:21:43 Vance Stevens yep, got it
02:21:44 Michael Coghlan Phew
02:21:50 Michael Coghlan God bless India
02:22:30 Vance Stevens ok
02:22:45 Vance Stevens daf apparently can't get here
02:22:52 Michael Coghlan Daf is here!
02:23:09 Michael Coghlan Can you see here name - I can
02:23:12 Vance Stevens no because it's a pain typing in two windows
02:23:30 Michael Coghlan It's a lousy chat space I must say
02:23:40 Vance Stevens so is this where we discourse on Wed?
02:23:51 Vance Stevens pretty poor
02:23:51 Dafne Gonzalez hi Vance
02:23:53 Michael Coghlan But you can eject folks!
02:24:05 Vance Stevens anyway, this is where we go, right?
02:24:08 Michael Coghlan Yes this is where we meet on Wed
02:24:23 Vance Stevens hi daf
02:24:33 Vance Stevens ok, I've got to get offline now
02:24:35 Vance Stevens ok, I've got to get offline now
02:24:42 Vance Stevens my son wants to eat
02:24:51 Vance Stevens so do I
02:24:57 Michael Coghlan OK. If you get time (and you probably won't) the discusisons have got off to a good start
02:24:57 Dafne Gonzalez I am cooking
02:25:13 Michael Coghlan have a nice Indian feast for me
02:25:27 Dafne Gonzalez have a good time, Vance
02:25:42 Dafne Gonzalez We were here with Chris last night
02:25:47 Dafne Gonzalez Sus and I
02:25:57 Michael Coghlan Thanks for your input in the discussions today Daf - it's really good to see so much activity oin day one
02:26:05 Vance Stevens anyway I'm off, see you wednesday
02:26:12 Dafne Gonzalez bye, Vance
02:26:29 Michael Coghlan Byr Vance - see you then. I'll be early oif you want a hadn getting in or something
02:26:54 Dafne Gonzalez I think we were the first event to get messages
02:26:58 Michael Coghlan I have to go for a while Daf. Be back later
02:27:06 Dafne Gonzalez fine, see you
02:27:08 Michael Coghlan Yes we were. Bye
02:27:32 Rita Zeinstejer has joined the chat.
02:27:32 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
02:28:00 Susanne Nyrop Mysterious chatroom
02:28:47 Susanne Nyrop This is different; I decided to leave out the java applet and test the HTML version chat instead
02:29:02 Susanne Nyrop But still, I see no save function
02:30:31 Susanne Nyrop This means that I am now able to copy and paste the chat so i can take a copy and piut it into a text document
02:30:32 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
02:30:49 Susanne Nyrop 2 has joined the chat.
02:30:50 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
02:30:50 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
02:30:50 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
02:31:22 Dafne Gonzalez has joined the chat.
02:31:28 Dafne Gonzalez hello dear
02:31:42 Susanne Nyrop Hey >Daf, I am in the first of our chatrooms now
02:31:55 Susanne Nyrop Hugs to you!
02:31:55 Dafne Gonzalez yes
02:32:04 Susanne Nyrop I really missed you
02:32:11 Dafne Gonzalez me too
02:32:27 Susanne Nyrop I did not make it earlier today
02:32:37 Dafne Gonzalez I just got a message from David Cillay
02:33:04 Susanne Nyrop I simply got distracted by personal matters so I had no time to login at noon GMT
02:33:07 Dafne Gonzalez I have been coming in and out
02:33:19 Dafne Gonzalez I found Michael and VAnce
02:33:20 Susanne Nyrop David who? :-)
02:33:39 Dafne Gonzalez Cillay from the building communities event
02:33:53 Dafne Gonzalez you posted a message last night to that discussion board
02:34:13 Susanne Nyrop I cannot get to have more than one window open...
02:34:26 Susanne Nyrop but I found a way to save our chat !!!
02:34:35 Dafne Gonzalez really?
02:34:42 Susanne Nyrop Oh yes, now I know who he is
02:34:50 Dafne Gonzalez did you get the message they sent about the chat
02:34:56 Susanne Nyrop You wanna know how ?
02:34:59 Susanne Nyrop You wanna know how ?
02:35:03 Dafne Gonzalez tell me
02:35:09 Susanne Nyrop Oh yes, now I know who he is
02:35:31 Dafne Gonzalez tell me
02:35:35 Susanne Nyrop I set my presf somewhere 8but where?)( to HTML chat instead of Java
02:35:36 Dafne Gonzalez tell me
02:35:52 Dafne Gonzalez in your profile
02:35:59 Susanne Nyrop My preferences in WebCrossing I mean :-))
02:36:22 Susanne Nyrop Then I can select all and paste it into another text document
02:36:32 Dafne Gonzalez great!
02:36:46 Dafne Gonzalez Michael will love that
02:36:55 Susanne Nyrop I miss a lot of navigation facilities here :-(
02:37:17 Dafne Gonzalez they also sent a messaage saying that if you tell them they will send you the chats after the event
02:37:33 Susanne Nyrop Yes, I think we all love to read the log afterwards
02:37:33 Dafne Gonzalez on a webpage
02:37:51 Dafne Gonzalez yes, TI has gotten us used to that
02:38:00 Susanne Nyrop Oh, they do ? I waqs not aware of that
02:38:02 Susanne Nyrop Oh, they do ? I waqs not aware of that
02:38:07 Susanne Nyrop Oh, they do ? I waqs not aware of that
02:38:14 Susanne Nyrop HM...
02:38:18 Dafne Gonzalez I got an email this morning about that
02:38:33 Susanne Nyrop The update rate is slow
02:38:50 Susanne Nyrop I get lost in all my emails from here :-(
02:38:57 Dafne Gonzalez yeap. I also saw Ismail this morning
02:40:00 Dafne Gonzalez This morning I was contacted by a woman, Emma something, who was trying to meet people
02:40:42 Susanne Nyrop I would love to make a deceription for the blog abnout how to navigate and to make the community fveeling active - but the blog system seem not working yet,
02:40:57 Dafne Gonzalez and coincidentially she is involved in online assessment and training. We shared some mails about our work
02:41:06 Dafne Gonzalez nno, the blog is not ready yet
02:41:06 Susanne Nyrop Oh, and did you get into some kind of dialogue?
02:41:24 Dafne Gonzalez yes, with the mail system here
02:41:37 Dafne Gonzalez we shared four of five emails
02:41:43 Susanne Nyrop Good that we do have multiple strategies to get involved
02:41:56 Dafne Gonzalez I have them saved but I do not know how to download them
02:42:19 Susanne Nyrop Can you have more than one window open without logging in again?
02:42:31 Dafne Gonzalez no
02:43:06 Susanne Nyrop Oh, do we have in internal email here - why did I not see that feature yet :-)
02:43:17 Dafne Gonzalez I am amazed at the number of people who have never chatted
02:43:40 Dafne Gonzalez well, is the instant messenger
02:43:52 Susanne Nyrop When I am chatting in this html format I see nothing else, no message box, no participant list . It is very primitive
02:44:13 Dafne Gonzalez oh
02:44:17 Dafne Gonzalez :-(
02:45:01 Dafne Gonzalez What is most amazing is the number of people who disregard chats
02:45:50 Susanne Nyrop If the chatrooms those people have tried are as bad as this one, I minght understand why they have not yet seen the light :-)
02:46:01 Dafne Gonzalez lol
02:46:31 Dafne Gonzalez I was at the poll discussion board and was reading the messages there
02:46:41 Susanne Nyrop Our glocal chat culture is something unusual, a new cultural and communicative literacy
02:46:57 Susanne Nyrop Yes, so were I :-))
02:47:13 Dafne Gonzalez I imagined so?
02:47:24 Dafne Gonzalez sorry it was not a question
02:48:42 Susanne Nyrop Daf - did you meet some of us today at noon GMT as we decided to od? I was unable to come.
02:48:58 Dafne Gonzalez yes, I met Michael and VAnce
02:49:13 Dafne Gonzalez only for a couple of minutes, though
02:49:54 Dafne Gonzalez Vance's connection was slow and he had to go eat with his family and Michael was also busy
02:50:23 Dafne Gonzalez Then I saw Ismail online and sent him a message
02:50:24 Susanne Nyrop One very interesting feature here, with all those many discussions, is that you can see each person's contributions in their profile!
02:50:47 Susanne Nyrop O, good ! Ismael was here, too
02:50:49 Dafne Gonzalez really
02:51:09 Dafne Gonzalez yes, he was recognizing the site
02:51:49 Susanne Nyrop The links to people's contributions across discussions give me some new perspectives and mind tracks
02:51:51 Dafne Gonzalez you know, after reading many messages, I feel that we know so much about web tools and communities
02:52:43 Susanne Nyrop What I miss is a kind of general access to my basic and favorite links here.
02:53:19 Dafne Gonzalez yes, that is also what our blogger said today
02:53:19 Susanne Nyrop We SURE do! This is an ennormous opportunity to make some kind of comparative
02:53:31 Dafne Gonzalez and we have learned with practice
02:53:39 Susanne Nyrop Our blogger? Which one?
02:53:49 Dafne Gonzalez the guy with long hair
02:54:00 Dafne Gonzalez I do not remember his name
02:54:12 Dafne Gonzalez he is writing blogs about the conference
02:54:50 Dafne Gonzalez everyday my admiration for Vance grows
02:55:22 Dafne Gonzalez he is such a leader
02:55:33 Susanne Nyrop We're learning together and sharing our experiences. Herer as anywhere else we go together. That's a kind of community across the community environments, proving taht it is possible to bring in your previous experuiences into another environment
02:56:40 Susanne Nyrop Oh, his name is Stephen Downes or something like that...
02:56:42 Susanne Nyrop Oh, his name is Stephen Downes or something like that...
02:56:44 Susanne Nyrop Oh, his name is Stephen Downes or something like that...
02:56:47 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
02:56:49 Susanne Nyrop Oh, his name is Stephen Downes or something like that...
02:56:50 Susanne Nyrop Oh, his name is Stephen Downes or something like that...
02:57:04 Susanne Nyrop We're learning together and sharing our experiences. Herer as anywhere else we go together. That's a kind of community across the community environments, proving taht it is possible to bring in your previous experuiences into another thiingsonment
02:57:28 Susanne Nyrop HRMPH
02:57:50 Susanne Nyrop Yes, Vance is a natural born leader and a good friend, too
02:58:16 Susanne Nyrop (sorry for the unwanted parrot effect)
02:58:20 Dafne Gonzalez lol
02:58:59 Dafne Gonzalez you know in the cool tools there is one to put a chat on your web page
02:59:41 Susanne Nyrop Yes - did you check it out?
02:59:57 Dafne Gonzalez I just saw the sample they have there
03:00:14 Dafne Gonzalez but I will try it out on my web page
03:00:20 Susanne Nyrop I guess that those cool tools are really your way of getting around ...
03:00:21 Susanne Nyrop I guess that those cool tools are really your way of getting around ...
03:00:43 Susanne Nyrop But they look mostly all to be Windows related
03:00:55 Dafne Gonzalez many interesting stuff, but I need to have time to check them out
03:02:19 Dafne Gonzalez There are so many things going on here, that I feel like at the TESOL conventions
03:02:43 Susanne Nyrop I logged in noce more, and do have another window open besides the chat, without being logged off from here!!!
03:02:53 Dafne Gonzalez but instead of walking from one side to the other, I just click form one event to the other
03:03:11 Dafne Gonzalez using a new window?
03:03:15 Susanne Nyrop There is many ways to get involved , and to get lost, too
03:03:35 Susanne Nyrop yes, having two windows open, with two logins
03:03:55 Susanne Nyrop Great progress!
03:04:04 Dafne Gonzalez but your name appears only once
03:04:27 Susanne Nyrop I think a lot of people are browsing
03:04:48 Susanne Nyrop very good, no second identity :-)
03:04:49 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
03:05:09 Susanne Nyrop I wonder why they have not made room for many participants in the who's here
03:05:15 Dafne Gonzalez have you found something worth to comment?
03:05:28 Dafne Gonzalez yes, that's another mistery
03:05:45 Dafne Gonzalez I mean in the messages
03:06:13 Dafne Gonzalez 2 has joined the chat.
03:06:18 Susanne Nyrop Today I saw that 56 persons were online. But only aboyut ten names showning, plus a link to the alphabetical list of people
03:06:42 Dafne Gonzalez yes, this morning there were 98
03:07:03 Susanne Nyrop You can see my contributions if you click on my icon in the messenger (I think?)
03:07:39 Dafne Gonzalez no, I have to click on more and then look for your name
03:07:59 Susanne Nyrop I will need to wirte a brief personal intro - many people do have it, but most forget all about it, or are not aware of the idea of a profile
03:08:20 Dafne Gonzalez 2 I did not write anything on mine. I was in a hurry
03:08:28 Susanne Nyrop Hm - but do you get it, then?
03:08:36 Dafne Gonzalez 2 yes
03:08:49 Susanne Nyrop I can follow your contributions, or at least the latest ones
03:09:41 Dafne Gonzalez 2 yes, I am looking at yours
03:10:02 Dafne Gonzalez 2 I also opened another window but without logging twice
03:10:38 Susanne Nyrop You have eight mesasgesin your postings list (I clicked on your name in a discussion :-)
03:10:42 Dafne Gonzalez 2 you have posted 6 contributions
03:10:57 Dafne Gonzalez 2 lol
03:11:04 Susanne Nyrop But you do not have the HTML chat, do you?
03:11:09 Dafne Gonzalez 2 no
03:11:24 Dafne Gonzalez 2 I have the default one
03:11:30 Susanne Nyrop That may be why it is possble for you to have more windows open
03:11:33 Dafne Gonzalez 2 because I did not check any preference
03:12:06 Dafne Gonzalez 2 maybe that is the reason
03:12:17 Susanne Nyrop default is the Java applet that cannot be saved,
03:12:33 Dafne Gonzalez 2 you know, in your profile it says that you are not online
03:12:56 Dafne Gonzalez 2 another mistery
03:13:41 Dafne Gonzalez 2 David Cillay posted another questions on his discussion board
03:13:44 Susanne Nyrop NOw I saved our chat before some possible breakdown of system :-))
03:14:05 Dafne Gonzalez 2 great, you will document the experience
03:14:13 Susanne Nyrop I saw his summing up and question
03:14:37 Dafne Gonzalez 2 did you hear his "shaking hands" voice message?
03:15:08 Susanne Nyrop IK was a little worried about the idea of asking new students to "Share the thee most embarassing moments in their lives".
03:15:32 Susanne Nyrop NO - all thois voice and video things are not working on my silly Mac
03:16:22 Susanne Nyrop I do not make a lot of experiments about it because i have no patience to manage these problems alone
03:16:50 Susanne Nyrop It is too damp
03:17:24 Dafne Gonzalez 2 talking about dampness have you had rain there?
03:17:38 Susanne Nyrop Tomorrow i will be offline, we're going to a funeral far out in the ocuntry
03:17:54 Susanne Nyrop No rain for many days
03:18:25 Susanne Nyrop No clouds or wind, just sun and damp heat
03:18:34 Dafne Gonzalez 2 like here
03:18:52 Dafne Gonzalez 2 Today I picked up my ticket to fly to Paris
03:21:02 Susanne Nyrop Oh, I suddenly realize that Michael's discussion is taking shape, Id better read it and say something, too :-))
03:22:18 Dafne Gonzalez 2 many people have contributed
03:22:52 Dafne Gonzalez 2 do you realize that you are talking to Dafne Gonzalez 2?
03:23:21 Susanne Nyrop >Your holiday sounds very well planned
03:23:33 Dafne Gonzalez 2 well it is a circuit
03:23:42 Susanne Nyrop Yes, dafne 2, I just saw that!!!
03:23:42 Dafne Gonzalez 2 a package
03:23:55 Susanne Nyrop Myst
03:24:11 Dafne Gonzalez 2 everything included
03:25:34 Susanne Nyrop I am disappointed now. I THOUGHT I had saved our chat - but only a small part of it works. the rest is silence
03:25:57 Susanne Nyrop Cries
03:26:24 Susanne Nyrop We should meet in Tapped >IN next time.
03:26:56 Dafne Gonzalez 2 yes
03:26:57 Susanne Nyrop I actually thought this as a kind of experience
03:27:22 Susanne Nyrop so a chatlog would have been worth a lot.
03:27:33 Dafne Gonzalez 2 to be here and TI at the same time, I have to come here first
03:27:50 Dafne Gonzalez 2 open a new window and get to TI
03:28:29 Susanne Nyrop Well, if I should read and react to our own discussion, i'd better leave this chat now
03:28:38 Dafne Gonzalez 2 if i do the other way around I get disconnected
03:28:43 Susanne Nyrop OK, let us see if we can do it
03:28:51 Dafne Gonzalez 2 well, talk to you tomorrow
03:29:01 Dafne Gonzalez 2 nice chat
03:29:10 Dafne Gonzalez 2 hugs Sus good night
03:29:20 Dafne Gonzalez has joined the chat.
03:29:24 Dafne Gonzalez has joined the chat.
03:36:18 Rita Zeinstejer has joined the chat.
03:36:34 Dafne Gonzalez hi Rita
03:36:39 Rita Zeinstejer hi, Daf
03:37:00 Dafne Gonzalez do you know if the chat is now?
03:37:14 Rita Zeinstejer it's tomorrow
03:37:27 Rita Zeinstejer 12.30 pm GMT, Daf
03:37:32 Dafne Gonzalez I am so mixed up with this time zones
03:37:37 Rita Zeinstejer me too
03:37:44 Dafne Gonzalez I missed one chat I was really interested in
03:37:59 Rita Zeinstejer which one?
03:38:15 Dafne Gonzalez one about collaborative learning
03:38:24 Dafne Gonzalez Curtis Bonk
03:38:27 Rita Zeinstejer pity we cant have the logs
03:38:37 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
03:38:51 Dafne Gonzalez I am participating in the discussion but missed the chat
03:38:54 Rita Zeinstejer there are some with no messages at all...
03:39:07 Dafne Gonzalez yes
03:39:25 Rita Zeinstejer I like the one about Strategies....
03:39:42 Dafne Gonzalez I am participating mostly in two, strategies for builinging communities
03:39:44 Rita Zeinstejer lots of postings, interesting
03:39:55 Dafne Gonzalez and this one about collaborative learning
03:40:07 Dafne Gonzalez they are very related
03:40:08 Rita Zeinstejer seen the one on games?
03:40:23 Dafne Gonzalez saw it, but have not been there
03:40:42 Rita Zeinstejer just a few ideas, here and there
03:41:06 Dafne Gonzalez I have gathered some good articles and links
03:41:22 Dafne Gonzalez to read in September
03:41:27 Rita Zeinstejer me too
03:41:36 Rita Zeinstejer did you bookmark ?
03:41:37 Dafne Gonzalez the idea of the satchel is great
03:41:43 Rita Zeinstejer yes!
03:41:52 Dafne Gonzalez I put them in the satchel and also bookmarked them
03:41:53 Rita Zeinstejer (I "saved" anyway...
03:42:09 Rita Zeinstejer in cas...;-)
03:42:10 Dafne Gonzalez some I saved to my documents
03:42:11 Rita Zeinstejer case
03:42:26 Rita Zeinstejer yes
03:42:33 Dafne Gonzalez triangulation ;-)
03:42:48 Rita Zeinstejer there are some .pdf articles
03:43:06 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
03:43:13 Rita Zeinstejer which I printed, cant be saved
03:43:40 Dafne Gonzalez I haven't had time to print them yet
03:43:50 Rita Zeinstejer saved them??
03:43:59 Dafne Gonzalez put them in the satchel and bookmarked them
03:44:35 Dafne Gonzalez some pdf can be saved if you copy and paste page by page
03:45:05 Rita Zeinstejer ah, right
03:45:30 Rita Zeinstejer (less effort printing....;-))
03:45:37 Dafne Gonzalez I am reading a very good article that Curtis Bonk sent me, after a message I sent
03:45:49 Dafne Gonzalez I think you will like it, let me give you the link
03:45:51 Rita Zeinstejer what about?
03:45:58 Rita Zeinstejer ok
03:46:42 Dafne Gonzalez about web based education, it is a chapter of a book
03:46:47 Dafne Gonzalez .f0c86ae/3!enclosure=.f0c9739
03:48:18 Dafne Gonzalez I can send it to you by mail, because this chat is weird
03:48:22 Rita Zeinstejer thanks, DAF!
03:48:27 Rita Zeinstejer you know what?
03:48:32 Dafne Gonzalez ?
03:49:14 Rita Zeinstejer remeber we wondered about the "repeated" script when clicking on words?
03:49:25 Rita Zeinstejer on this window?
03:49:49 Rita Zeinstejer I clicked, it was copied, and i was taken to the site!
03:49:49 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
03:50:10 Rita Zeinstejer directly...., didnt know
03:50:25 Dafne Gonzalez Don't understand what you mean
03:50:41 Rita Zeinstejer (minimized now, will print it later)
03:51:08 Dafne Gonzalez oh, yeap I just did it
03:51:09 Rita Zeinstejer when you wrote the url here
03:51:20 Dafne Gonzalez I was taken to the article
03:51:39 Rita Zeinstejer i clicked on it, the url appeared below, "copied"
03:51:55 Rita Zeinstejer i clicked on the "copy"
03:52:02 Dafne Gonzalez yes, it is like the projection in TI
03:52:09 Rita Zeinstejer and was taken to the site
03:52:27 Dafne Gonzalez yes, I did it too
03:52:39 Rita Zeinstejer right, i remember we wondered abot this "copy" function...
03:52:42 Dafne Gonzalez yes, it is like the projection in TI
03:52:51 Rita Zeinstejer yeap
03:53:02 Dafne Gonzalez but for yourself
03:53:05 Rita Zeinstejer so the chat is tomorrow
03:53:17 Dafne Gonzalez well for me tonight
03:53:35 Dafne Gonzalez well tomorrow, but very early
03:53:35 Rita Zeinstejer but theres a difference which i still need to check for the 2nd chat
03:53:50 Rita Zeinstejer what time for you?
03:53:59 Dafne Gonzalez 2:30am
03:54:08 Aiden Yeh has joined the chat.
03:54:19 Rita Zeinstejer terrible...., will you stay awake?
03:54:21 Dafne Gonzalez and the one on thursday at 2:30 pm
03:54:26 Dafne Gonzalez Hi Aiden
03:54:33 Rita Zeinstejer hi, Aiden
03:54:47 Dafne Gonzalez I am always awake at that time
03:54:56 Dafne Gonzalez I love to work at night
03:54:58 Rita Zeinstejer thanks for your message, Aiden!
03:55:10 Rita Zeinstejer 2.30, Daf??
03:55:15 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
03:55:29 Dafne Gonzalez last night I went to bed at 3am
03:55:37 Rita Zeinstejer what time do you get up then?
03:55:44 Dafne Gonzalez 9
03:55:54 Rita Zeinstejer little sleep...
03:56:00 Dafne Gonzalez 6 hours
03:56:05 Dafne Gonzalez 7 hours
03:56:35 Dafne Gonzalez I am wondering about Aiden
03:58:06 Dafne Gonzalez Rita are you there?
03:58:13 Rita Zeinstejer maybe Aiden is multitasking
03:58:30 Rita Zeinstejer so lets find out the difference for the 2nd chat, Daf, which somewhere is said to start before the time we thought..
03:58:43 Dafne Gonzalez Aiden is here in yahoo
03:59:04 Dafne Gonzalez but she writes messages and we do not see her
03:59:28 Rita Zeinstejer how do you know she's writing?
03:59:42 Dafne Gonzalez she told me
03:59:50 Dafne Gonzalez we are in yahoo messenger
04:00:11 Dafne Gonzalez she is going to leave and re-enter again
04:00:34 Rita Zeinstejer i see
04:01:03 Aiden Yeh 4 has joined the chat.
04:01:31 Dafne Gonzalez now, she is Aiden 4
04:03:10 Rita Zeinstejer are you in contact with aiden, Daf?
04:03:36 Dafne Gonzalez yes
04:03:44 Dafne Gonzalez we are trying to solve theproblem
04:03:48 Rita Zeinstejer problem?
04:04:00 Dafne Gonzalez yes, she writes and we do not see her
04:04:25 Dafne Gonzalez now she is going to log out of the conference and login again
04:04:28 Rita Zeinstejer maybe she's behind a firewall?
04:04:54 Dafne Gonzalez there are some bugs in this platform
04:05:15 Dafne Gonzalez i have lost the links to some events I had in my schedule
04:05:21 Dafne Gonzalez then they come back again
04:05:39 Dafne Gonzalez some features are not very stable
04:05:57 Rita Zeinstejer yesterday i got a strange popup with an invitation "to see a pix"
04:06:11 Dafne Gonzalez did you?
04:06:15 Rita Zeinstejer yeap
04:06:23 Rita Zeinstejer looked like porn
04:06:25 Dafne Gonzalez did you acceopt?
04:06:30 Rita Zeinstejer NO!
04:06:33 Dafne Gonzalez lol
04:07:08 Dafne Gonzalez Our event has had many participants
04:07:18 Rita Zeinstejer (it was intellectual time...;-))
04:07:33 Rita Zeinstejer yes, do they pay?
04:07:51 Dafne Gonzalez they have to pay to attend the conference
04:08:15 Rita Zeinstejer and then they might double use it...
04:08:37 Dafne Gonzalez what do you mean?
04:08:53 Rita Zeinstejer those sending porn popups...;-)
04:09:10 Dafne Gonzalez oh, I was talking about attending the conference
04:09:11 Dafne Gonzalez lol
04:09:15 Rita Zeinstejer soooooorry!
04:09:31 Dafne Gonzalez those pop ups are hackers
04:09:45 Aiden Yeh 5 has joined the chat.
04:09:57 Dafne Gonzalez wb Aiden
04:09:57 Rita Zeinstejer Aiden 5!!!!
04:10:09 Dafne Gonzalez Aiden has clonned herself
04:10:15 Rita Zeinstejer lol
04:10:43 Dafne Gonzalez one is not enough
04:10:57 Dafne Gonzalez the poor kid cannot communicate with us
04:11:08 Dafne Gonzalez she might be in another dimension
04:11:11 Rita Zeinstejer problem if she cant make it, might not make it tomorrow!
04:11:41 Dafne Gonzalez she is able to send messages, we knnow that
04:11:52 Rita Zeinstejer yeah
04:12:08 Dafne Gonzalez Aiden what if you change your chat preference to HTML
04:12:12 Dafne Gonzalez on your profile page
04:12:31 Dafne Gonzalez it is a very rudimentary chat but it might work
04:12:56 Rita Zeinstejer Daf dear, i'll have a look at some talks and then i have to go to work....
04:13:26 Dafne Gonzalez ok, Rita, I will wait for a while for Aiden
04:13:29 Rita Zeinstejer CU later? (when im back, 8 hs from now)
04:13:30 Aiden Yeh 5 has joined the chat.
04:13:45 Dafne Gonzalez yes, I will be around late this afternoon
04:13:45 Rita Zeinstejer ok, enjoy!
04:14:00 Dafne Gonzalez you too
04:14:01 Rita Zeinstejer bye!
04:14:07 Dafne Gonzalez bye
04:14:59 Aiden Yeh has joined the chat.
04:15:09 Dafne Gonzalez hi Aiden
04:15:15 Aiden Yeh hello daf
04:15:19 Dafne Gonzalez finally
04:15:30 Dafne Gonzalez BRAVO!!!!
04:15:30 Aiden Yeh now i can see my postings
04:15:37 Dafne Gonzalez me too
04:15:44 Aiden Yeh but it's super dooper slow
04:16:05 Dafne Gonzalez yes, the chat is the worst feature of this whole event
04:16:10 Aiden Yeh i'll try my laptop tomorrow
04:16:27 Aiden Yeh yes, I think so too
04:16:35 Dafne Gonzalez small window
04:17:03 Dafne Gonzalez I do not know how it would be like if we have many people in here
04:17:05 Aiden Yeh i've gotten used to TI, that I think it's rather primitive
04:17:46 Dafne Gonzalez Sus and I were here last night and then we moved to TI
04:17:49 Aiden Yeh i agree
04:18:10 Dafne Gonzalez Michael has not showed up today, has he?
04:18:21 Dafne Gonzalez I mean he has not posted anything today
04:18:57 Aiden Yeh oh, no, what about tomorrow
04:19:11 Aiden Yeh are we allowed to use TI as backup
04:19:21 Dafne Gonzalez I do not think so
04:19:48 Aiden Yeh i've been here on and off since this morning, nope i haven't seen Micahel
04:20:15 Dafne Gonzalez last night I decided to go into the cultural issue in our event, to get the ball rolling
04:20:43 Aiden Yeh i think, if we';ll have more than 15, then it wuold be chaotic
04:21:01 Dafne Gonzalez and you have written very good comments
04:21:33 Dafne Gonzalez I am attending a couple of other events
04:21:34 Aiden Yeh yes, i saw and responded to your posting
04:22:12 Dafne Gonzalez We are missing VAnce here
04:22:14 Aiden Yeh so far, the discussions are mvoing
04:22:34 Dafne Gonzalez He was with Michael and I here yesterday but only for a couple of minutes
04:23:08 Aiden Yeh will he be here tomo?
04:23:21 Dafne Gonzalez yes, he said he will try his best
04:23:54 Aiden Yeh this is so slow, Daf
04:24:02 Dafne Gonzalez yes
04:24:36 Aiden Yeh anyway, i'll try again later using my laptop, see if java works
04:24:50 Dafne Gonzalez Aiden I got to go now, need to have late lunch as usual
04:25:05 Aiden Yeh i've got to go and read a story to my children, then tuck them in for the nite
04:25:18 Dafne Gonzalez see you tomorrow
04:25:22 Aiden Yeh see you here tom
04:25:28 Dafne Gonzalez bye
04:25:43 Dafne Gonzalez nice talking to you, Aiden
04:25:52 Dafne Gonzalez has joined the chat.
04:29:38 Dafne Gonzalez has joined the chat.
04:29:38 Elizabeth Anthony Lee has joined the chat.
04:30:07 Elizabeth Anthony Lee just wandering around trying to find a base
04:30:07 Elizabeth Anthony Lee has joined the chat.
04:30:07 Gary Phillips has joined the chat.
04:30:18 Shunichiro Ito has joined the chat.
04:30:28 Shunichiro Ito has joined the chat.
04:30:28 Aiden Yeh has joined the chat.
04:31:16 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
04:31:28 Susanne Nyrop Hi aiden!
04:32:53 Susanne Nyrop 2 has joined the chat.
04:32:54 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
04:33:06 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
04:34:54 Susanne Nyrop bb'
04:35:18 Susanne Nyrop test
04:35:19 Susanne Nyrop test
04:35:20 Susanne Nyrop test
04:35:21 Susanne Nyrop tste
04:35:38 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
04:45:43 Michael Coghlan has joined the chat.
04:46:03 Michael Coghlan hello Susanne. I've come in early to chekc a few things
04:46:30 Michael Coghlan Welcome to this chat session presented by the Webheads community on Cross Cultural Communication Online. A lively discussion elsewhere on the conference site has been going on for 3 days already, and has raised many issues in connection with this topic.We have no idea how many people may attend. The Webheads#2019 philosophy has always been #2018open house#2019. I will however ATTEMPT to moderate the session. It will be structured, as far as possible, around specific questions from participants, or question
04:46:59 Michael Coghlan #2018open house#2019. I will however ATTEMPT to moderate the session. It will be structured, as far as possible, around specific questions from participants, or questions posed by the co-presenters. I will try and indicate when we should move on to another question.We may have times within the hour where we have free flowing unmoderated chat.I, as the moderator, may at times type in CAPITAL LETTERS to gain attention of the group. If you see me typing in capitals please finish what you may be typing a
04:47:24 Michael Coghlan moderator, may at times type in CAPITAL LETTERS to gain attention of the group. If you see me typing in capitals please finish what you may be typing and pause.As tempting as it is to do your own thing in online chat, please try and stay on task as much as possible. Note: this chat does have an eject user facility!!
04:57:47 Michael Coghlan has joined the chat.
04:58:10 Michael Coghlan fSDF
05:08:39 Susanne Nyrop 2 has joined the chat.
05:08:39 Marita Quaglio has joined the chat.
05:09:32 Marita Quaglio 2 has joined the chat.
05:10:18 Marita Quaglio 2 Looks like a lonely chat up ahead. It's a beautiful moonlit night in Yack.
05:12:07 Marita Quaglio 2 Looks like a lonely chat up ahead. It's a beautiful moonlit night in Yack.
05:12:07 Marita Quaglio has joined the chat.
05:12:53 Marita Quaglio 2 has joined the chat.
05:14:51 Shunichiro Ito has joined the chat.
05:14:52 Ismail Fayed has joined the chat.
05:15:23 Marita Quaglio has joined the chat.
05:15:58 Marita Quaglio Hello Ismail, this is a very quiet chat room, isn't it?
05:16:07 Dafne Gonzalez has joined the chat.
05:16:11 Dafne Gonzalez has joined the chat.
05:16:11 Jane Anderson has joined the chat.
05:16:46 Jane Anderson 2 has joined the chat.
05:18:54 Michele Lamont-Smith has joined the chat.
05:19:43 Dafne Gonzalez has joined the chat.
05:19:45 Marita Quaglio has joined the chat.
05:20:27 Dafne Gonzalez hello everybody
05:20:31 Marita Quaglio Hello there, can you hear me Jane?
05:20:45 Dafne Gonzalez I can see you Marita
05:20:49 Michele Lamont-Smith Hi you 2, is this where we need to be for the chat on cross cultural communnication?
05:20:57 Dafne Gonzalez exactly
05:21:00 Marita Quaglio Oh, hello all
05:21:08 Dafne Gonzalez Welcome to the Webheads presentation
05:21:08 Michele Lamont-Smith but we are early?
05:21:18 Rita Zeinstejer has joined the chat.
05:21:19 Dafne Gonzalez yes, we are early
05:21:25 Dafne Gonzalez Welcome Rita
05:21:39 Rita Zeinstejer thanks, Daf, good morning !
05:21:44 Dafne Gonzalez Rita and I belong to the Webheads community
05:21:48 Michele Lamont-Smith has joined the chat.
05:22:36 Rita Zeinstejer Hi, Marita, where are you from?
05:22:50 Marita Quaglio I have not posted anything anywhere yet but have been reading with interest the cross cultural communication stuff.
05:23:07 Dafne Gonzalez lurking is also fine with us
05:23:19 Rita Zeinstejer are you an ESL teacher?
05:23:41 Marita Quaglio I'm from Yackandandah in Victoria Australia. it's night time here, a
05:24:29 Dafne Gonzalez I am in Spain, it is 2:15 pm here
05:24:29 Marita Quaglio I'm a Multicultural Education coordinator for the Riverina Institute of TAFE NSW
05:25:00 Dafne Gonzalez so, this is the right chat discussion for you
05:25:12 Marita Quaglio Where are you Dafne and Michele?
05:25:25 Dafne Gonzalez I am in Spain, it is 2:15 pm here
05:25:52 Jane Anderson has joined the chat.
05:26:03 Marita Quaglio Sorry, I meant Rita
05:26:12 Michael Coghlan has joined the chat.
05:26:23 Dafne Gonzalez hello Michael
05:26:23 Michael Coghlan Testing testing 123
05:26:23 Rita Zeinstejer Im from Argentina, 9.15 am here
05:26:40 Rita Zeinstejer hi, Michael!
05:26:55 Michael Coghlan Hello Rita and Dafne and others
05:26:56 Marita Quaglio Hello Michael and Jane
05:27:08 Dafne Gonzalez hi jane
05:27:14 Rita Zeinstejer hi, Jane
05:27:40 Dafne Gonzalez Where are you from Jane?
05:28:28 Dafne Gonzalez Michael did you get the message I sent about the parrto feature?
05:28:34 Dafne Gonzalez parrot
05:28:41 Ismail Fayed has joined the chat.
05:28:51 Dafne Gonzalez Welcome Ismail :-)
05:28:54 Rita Zeinstejer Hi, Ismael
05:29:19 Ismail Fayed Hello everyone
05:29:23 Ismail Fayed Hello everyone
05:29:43 Jane Anderson Hello to Dafne and Rita in the space, re-hello to Marita, wait till you see the photos from yesterday! This is (for me) a bit like count down to the fireworks.... in fact, hope it works!
05:29:50 Ismail Fayed Hi daf, rita and all..
05:30:04 Dafne Gonzalez Ismail is from Egypt
05:30:16 Dafne Gonzalez he is also part of the Webheads community
05:30:51 Rita Zeinstejer (which photos, Jane?)
05:30:58 Dafne Gonzalez /to Jane, what photos are you talking about?
05:31:02 Ismail Fayed did u start the session already
05:31:11 Dafne Gonzalez no, Ismail, not yet
05:31:30 Jane Anderson I'm from Sydney - warmish evening, looking forward to hearing lots of interesting views
05:31:39 Dafne Gonzalez we are introducing ourselves informally
05:31:53 Michael Coghlan Good plan!
05:32:11 Michael Coghlan Ismail - you found us! Well done.
05:32:16 Dafne Gonzalez so far, where we are from
05:32:42 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
05:32:54 Rita Zeinstejer hi, Sus, welcome!
05:32:54 Dafne Gonzalez hugs Sus hello
05:33:02 Jane Anderson Oh, the photos, Marita and I work together and are doing some online learning things and yesterday we did some photos - I've been told to enrol in a photography course, so I guess its a case of its the thought that counts
05:33:04 Susanne Nyrop Hello webheads :- and guests
05:33:18 Michael Coghlan Susanne has just volunteered herself and Dafne as technical moderators!
05:33:36 Dafne Gonzalez do you have them online?
05:33:39 Susanne Nyrop :grins
05:33:46 Ismail Fayed Hello Susanne
05:33:56 Susanne Nyrop Ismael, good to see you, too
05:33:59 Michael Coghlan We'll start right on 1.30 Aust Eastern time - just a few minutes
05:34:22 Susanne Nyrop I just told Miochael that Dafne & I had alreasdy experienced the chatroom y
05:34:22 Dafne Gonzalez great :-)
05:34:48 Dafne Gonzalez Rita and I discovered what the parrot feature is for
05:34:51 Michele Lamont-Smith has joined the chat.
05:34:53 Michael Coghlan We're missing Vance
05:35:00 Susanne Nyrop .... so we might help you with querstions if they come up, about how to use the technique
05:35:13 Susanne Nyrop Hello Michele
05:35:15 Ismail Fayed Hello Susanne
05:35:21 Rita Zeinstejer (Jane, have you uploaded your photos?)
05:35:25 Dafne Gonzalez Welcome Michele
05:35:31 Michele Lamont-Smith Hi everyone
05:35:35 Rita Zeinstejer hi, Michele
05:35:43 Susanne Nyrop Is any of uyou using the html chat instead of java?
05:35:55 Dafne Gonzalez not me
05:35:57 Rita Zeinstejer not me
05:35:59 Michele Lamont-Smith nor me
05:36:12 Jane Anderson hello others
05:36:30 Dafne Gonzalez Michele where are you from?
05:36:53 Michele Lamont-Smith Perth
05:37:01 Michele Lamont-Smith Western Australia
05:37:02 Marita Quaglio This isw where the amateurs (good word) are found out. I haven't got a clue!
05:37:26 Michele Lamont-Smith Michael i was very interested about your comment that chat focuses on the person not the race
05:37:26 Jane Anderson (rita: not yet, they are refreshingly fuzzy)
05:37:26 Marita Quaglio I was replying to Susanne there
05:37:28 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
05:37:42 Michael Coghlan OK we shal begin. It is fortunate that bwe have a small group
05:37:48 Michael Coghlan Welcome to this chat session. I am about to begin by copy and pasting some introductory information.
05:37:59 Shunichiro Ito has joined the chat.
05:38:04 Michael Coghlan Welcome to this chat session presented by the Webheads community on Cross Cultural Communication Online. A lively discussion elsewhere on the conference site has been going on for 3 days already, and has raised many issues in connection with this topic.We have no idea how many people may attend. The Webheads#2019 philosophy has always been
05:38:09 Michele Lamont-Smith sorry am I early, i'm in a different time zone
05:38:19 Michael Coghlan #2018open house#2019. I will however ATTEMPT to moderate the session. It will be structured, as far as possible, around specific questions from participants, or questions posed by the co-presenters. I will try and indicate when we should move on to another question.We may have times within the hour where we have free flowing unmoderated chat.I, as the
05:38:25 Ismail Fayed Hello Susanne
05:38:39 Michael Coghlan moderator, may at times type in CAPITAL LETTERS to gain attention of the group. If you see me typing in capitals please finish what you may be typing and pause.As tempting as it is to do your own thing in online chat, please try and stay on task as much as possible. Note: this chat does have an eject user facility!!
05:39:05 Dafne Gonzalez frowns
05:39:06 Michael Coghlan OK....can the co-presenter fisrt identify themselkvesplease?
05:39:15 Michael Coghlan co -presenters
05:39:18 Michael Coghlan are....
05:39:47 Susanne Nyrop Hello! I am Susanne Nyroip from Denmark, a gradiuate student of education who needed online c ompany to expore the internet for educational uses
05:40:03 Dafne Gonzalez I am Dafne Gonzalez, from Venezuela, studying in Spain. I teach ESP to Architecture Students and have been a Webheads since January this year
05:40:08 Michael Coghlan Thanks Sus and Daf
05:40:10 Rita Zeinstejer I', from Argentina, Manager at a private Intitute in Rosario, EFL teacher, Multimedia Coordinator
05:40:27 Michael Coghlan Ismail and Shun?
05:40:45 Shunichiro Ito Shun Ito from Japan, teaching EFL in Tokyo.
05:41:02 Ismail Fayed Sorry, it seems that when you click on the refresh icon, your last message will be repeated everytime, even if you dont type it again.
05:41:14 Michael Coghlan OK. Michelle and Jane and Marita - where are you from?
05:41:56 Michele Lamont-Smith I'm from Perth, Western Austalia. I lecturer mainly online with Central Tafe
05:42:16 Michele Lamont-Smith and mentor other staff in online delivery
05:42:24 Michael Coghlan We'd like to begin by asking if any of the visitors have any questions from our paper or the discussions of the last few days.....?
05:42:37 Marita Quaglio Yackandandah, Victoria, Australia, Multicultural Education Coordinator for TAFE NSW Riverina Institute
05:42:49 Jane Anderson greetings, live in Sydney and work 3 minutes from home in the Dept Ed
05:43:18 Michael Coghlan Thanks Marita. Do you, or jane , or Michelle want to start the ball rolling with a question?
05:43:41 Michael Coghlan If not --- we have q's for you :)
05:43:43 Michele Lamont-Smith i must admit i planned to be a lurker tonight as I hav only been able to listen to the CD presentation so far
05:43:53 Michele Lamont-Smith but am very interested in this topic
05:43:58 Michael Coghlan That's fine Michelle.
05:44:10 Vance Stevens has joined the chat.
05:44:15 Ismail Fayed My name is Ismail Fayed, I am from Egypt. I am working in teacher training program in Cairo as a Program Specialist.
05:44:20 Dafne Gonzalez Welcome, Vance
05:44:26 Vance Stevens hi everyone
05:44:28 Michael Coghlan Jane or Marita - here's your chance!
05:44:32 Jane Anderson Oooh, what would be your 3 to 5 top tips be for online learning in culturally diverse context?
05:44:40 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
05:44:42 Michele Lamont-Smith but i would love anyone to expand on how online allows indiviuals to be just that & has no race distinction
05:44:51 Susanne Nyrop Vance is with us, too!
05:44:55 Michele Lamont-Smith as Michael previously stated
05:45:01 Michael Coghlan Welcome to another co-presenter - Vance Stevens from the Emirates and foudner of webheads
05:45:02 Vance Stevens nice to see so many familiar faces, or avatars, whatever
05:45:17 Rita Zeinstejer hi, Vance!
05:45:27 Susanne Nyrop :prefers to be a face with a voice :-)
05:45:40 Michael Coghlan Michelle says: i would love anyone to expand on how online allows indiviuals to be just that & has no race distinction
05:45:53 Vance Stevens html chat does not refresh automatically I see :-(
05:45:56 Susanne Nyrop Vance, are you still in India on trekking holiday?
05:45:58 Michael Coghlan Vance - myou might like to comment on that?
05:46:19 Aiden Yeh has joined the chat.
05:46:19 Ismail Fayed Hello Vance, nice to see u around :)
05:46:40 Dafne Gonzalez welcome Aiden
05:46:41 Rita Zeinstejer hi, Aiden, welcome!
05:46:47 Marita Quaglio I'm a bit interested in conflict and how to deal with that. especially if it is accentuated by cultural or linguistic misunderstandingse really practical examples
05:46:47 Aiden Yeh Hello
05:46:52 Susanne Nyrop Well - race distinctions - did we ever cross that matter
05:46:58 Vance Stevens I'm in Pushkar not far from Jaipur
05:47:09 Michael Coghlan OK - I'll speak for V - Vance argues that people online actually can lose theor culture ....
05:47:54 Michael Coghlan ..because they can't be seen or identified as par tof a culture
05:47:58 Ismail Fayed This is one of the best merits of the word "ONLINE", Michael.. To be on the same track with others with no limist, Distinctions, or whatsoever..
05:48:16 Vance Stevens in previous discussions we could not pinpoint conflict on the internet otehr than that which might occur in F2f context
05:48:20 Michael Coghlan Do you feel free of culture online Ismail?
05:48:34 Susanne Nyrop
05:48:48 Michael Coghlan :smiles at Susanne
05:49:08 Michele Lamont-Smith do we need to get that specific? lol
05:49:19 Michele Lamont-Smith about the wrinkles, anyway
05:49:22 Michael Coghlan Only the Danes among us!
05:49:23 Dafne Gonzalez I have never found cultural differences as obstacles
05:49:39 Vance Stevens except that online allows people to SHARE cultures and enhance distinctions by pointing out URLs for example as ways of generating INTEREST in cultural differences
05:49:53 Dafne Gonzalez they enrich our experiences
05:50:17 Michele Lamont-Smith and they may use their own website, photoes to do that as well
05:50:21 Rita Zeinstejer I guess that as online communic is based on written lang, we should avoid the use of qualifiers, lang with ethnic connotations, be aware of possible misunderstandings...
05:50:21 Susanne Nyrop One question we have touche in our discussions before this sessiond was some kind of different ideas of what is fun
05:50:39 Michael Coghlan One of the contributors to mour discussion boards says if you son't live in a country you have no idea about that culture
05:51:07 Jane Anderson can I return to religious preferences pls?
05:51:09 Ismail Fayed .
05:51:12 Susanne Nyrop black humor can sometimnes be hard to tell from bad manners in case you're not a native speaker
05:51:19 Susanne Nyrop jane, go ahead
05:51:20 Peter Hillery 2 has joined the chat.
05:51:30 Dafne Gonzalez Hi Peter
05:51:32 Susanne Nyrop WElcome, peter
05:51:40 Rita Zeinstejer hi, Peter
05:51:52 Peter Hillery 2 Hi everyone - sorry I'm late - I've been to rehearsal
05:51:57 Shunichiro Ito When my students talked to Vance, James, Dan Bilitz, they were not aware of the teachers' nationality of race.
05:52:03 Susanne Nyrop jane just asked about religious preferences - can you elaborate?
05:52:03 Vance Stevens that's where online CC can assist, by allowing people from one country to pinoint urls that will help another understand the culture there
05:52:10 Dafne Gonzalez I think that even humor varies within individuals of the same culture
05:52:22 Michael Coghlan Exactly Dafne
05:52:37 Dafne Gonzalez so it should not be stereotyped
05:52:44 Michele Lamont-Smith so would you say for us to be careful using jokes online?
05:52:47 Shunichiro Ito Tokyo culture vs Osaka culture.
05:52:47 Ismail Fayed I dont think so Michel, I admit that it is important, but not vital.
05:53:12 Jane Anderson thanks, suzanne you mentioned 'no religious preferences' which is how I identified before I lived in a culture with a different mainstream religion which then showed me I did have a religious preference
05:53:33 Susanne Nyrop Yes, Daf, I agree; my husband's do not think I always laugh at the right situations
05:53:40 Shunichiro Ito Jokes and idioms do not transcend cultural distinctions. Cannot be understood without prior training.
05:54:04 Michael Coghlan How is this religious preferences issue played out online?
05:54:48 Michele Lamont-Smith I don't understand this ques tion Michael
05:55:05 Jane Anderson and plays on words are extremely problematic (that;'s for humour, not religion)
05:55:15 Dafne Gonzalez I usually do not touch religious matters with my online buddies
05:55:15 Vance Stevens true that jokes do not transcend cultures but this is an aspect of all cc communication not just online cc communication
05:55:15 Rita Zeinstejer my stds never laugh at good english puns!
05:55:25 Michael Coghlan I guess I was asking Michelle for examples of how religious preferences may be an issue in online communnication
05:55:43 Michael Coghlan Sorry - asking Jane!
05:56:20 Aiden Yeh it's probably lingustic differences, Rita
05:56:28 Ismail Fayed I dont think so Michel, I admit that it is important, but not vital.
05:56:45 Vance Stevens if you WANT to make a religious or humor point it's possible that online CC can be an asset as it removes paralinguistic elements and you can use the environment to do internet searches, get s's to develop webpages making points ...
05:56:54 Susanne Nyrop WEll, Jane, that is interesting. Let's say, when I visit a country with a strong muslim tradition, I become more aware of my locally biased, non-active Christianity.
05:56:59 Linley Joomjaroen has joined the chat.
05:57:03 Jane Anderson I think I picked up on this - I'm asking how could we online when the signals are multiple and subtle
05:57:19 Michael Coghlan let me introduce a friend and colleague - Linley!
05:57:27 Michael Coghlan Welcome Linley!
05:57:49 Linley Joomjaroen Hi everyone - let me watch while I catch the threads of the conversation, please!
05:57:53 Rita Zeinstejer hi, Linley
05:57:59 Vance Stevens (waves to Linley)
05:58:02 Dafne Gonzalez I have never asked any members of the Webheads community about their religious preferences.
05:58:07 Aiden Yeh if you continously argue that your religion or the religion that you believe in is the only true religion then, this could be a problematic issue
05:58:24 Michael Coghlan Yes - just as is in classrooms
05:58:37 Susanne Nyrop I have a friend who often mail some silly little jokes about catholic everyday matters, and often I do not find peculiar or funny worth laughing
05:59:06 Dafne Gonzalez religions or races do not matter if we have other objectives in mind
05:59:11 Peter Hillery 2 Hi Linley - I've only just arrived and am picking up the threads also
05:59:20 Michele Lamont-Smith Changing the subject a bit - Am I correct that you are all based in your home countries at the moment?
05:59:23 Susanne Nyrop Dafne, this is fun. We oftren get into new directions in our discussions her, instead of having a strict agenda
05:59:24 Jane Anderson Exactly, Susanne, and religion is one example, so in the online context what are some of the ways to be aware?
05:59:31 Rita Zeinstejer you find them silly, Sus, others may feel them offensive...
05:59:33 Ismail Fayed .
05:59:34 Vance Stevens here again, this can be annoying in an oline or offline context
05:59:39 Aiden Yeh there was one posted message about this, did any of you read it?
06:00:06 Vance Stevens how does ccc add to or detract from the issue?
06:00:20 Michael Coghlan Yes V - We seem to be identifying issues that can be problematic in cross cultural communication. The central questioin is.......
06:00:31 Michael Coghlan how are things made worse or better online?
06:00:41 Jane Anderson Michele, I am based in my home country although born in another and have lived in 3 others
06:00:53 Ismail Fayed I agree with u Rita
06:01:17 Rita Zeinstejer online I think we are more aware..., should be!
06:01:31 Vance Stevens (is not based in his home country)
06:01:31 Michele Lamont-Smith Thanks Jane, It is very exciting to know we are all so far distance
06:01:44 Michael Coghlan Yes ...and we do that how Rita?
06:01:45 Michele Lamont-Smith sorry back to the topic..
06:01:57 Dafne Gonzalez not based in her home country
06:02:05 Rita Zeinstejer being aware, Michael?
06:02:09 Marita Quaglio I think things can be made worse if you cannot hear a persons voice and the smile in it. I seem to have read something somewhere about smiles being a universal signal
06:02:23 Linley Joomjaroen I wonder whether we use our imagination successfully when we communicate online.
06:02:23 Dafne Gonzalez grins
06:02:29 Michael Coghlan :)
06:02:37 Susanne Nyrop Marita, is that why the emotes are sdo popular :-))
06:02:40 Vance Stevens has anyone here had an online ccc problem?
06:02:48 Michele Lamont-Smith I find I learn alot more about my students online than F2F
06:02:57 Dafne Gonzalez not me, Vance
06:03:03 Marita Quaglio Home country? Yes, now, but I was not born in Australia
06:03:06 Linley Joomjaroen because you are more explicit, M?
06:03:09 Dafne Gonzalez Ii agree with Michele
06:03:17 Vance Stevens I mean one particular to the online context
06:03:19 Dafne Gonzalez and in less time
06:03:33 Rita Zeinstejer (problems I think are more with ourselves, in feeling pressed to do the right thing all the time)
06:03:38 Michael Coghlan Shun - if I make speak for here - has some experience with CCC problems online.
06:03:39 Michele Lamont-Smith people seem to tell you more about themselves
06:03:44 Susanne Nyrop Linley, I think that depends on the character of the online communication,just like offline. I know a lot of ways to perform imagination in our online life
06:04:03 Jane Anderson we've had local community problems with online - I think because its text and can't be taken back
06:04:07 Dafne Gonzalez right, Michele
06:04:33 Michele Lamont-Smith Susanne perform imagination?
06:04:36 Marita Quaglio I guess so Susanne. It's a new language isn't it. I know about the :-) but I have learnt about the other signs like (smiles at Susanne) I like that
06:04:40 Linley Joomjaroen Sounds like fun, S!
06:04:43 Vance Stevens in my experience, ours if I speak for webheads, I would say in the several years we have met our cc awareness has been enhanced, rarely misunderstood
06:04:50 Susanne Nyrop Yes, Jane - text is different from speech but mikght also open for a better understanding of matters if you tend to read back!
06:05:04 Dafne Gonzalez agrees with Vance
06:05:09 Rita Zeinstejer i agree with Vance
06:05:26 Michael Coghlan I agree - my experience in webheads is all about harmony not discord.
06:05:38 Dafne Gonzalez learning and sharing
06:05:38 Susanne Nyrop :junmps up and down with a tea try to ask if you need a drink?
06:06:04 Linley Joomjaroen yes, please!
06:06:04 Susanne Nyrop :hands Michael hias guitar so he can sing us a tune
06:06:04 Dafne Gonzalez drinks some iced-coffee to cope with the heat
06:06:16 Susanne Nyrop :rolls up her sleeves
06:06:25 Linley Joomjaroen snuggles under a blanket to stay warm!
06:06:34 Michele Lamont-Smith thanks Michael & webheads. I have to go, it has been fun
06:06:36 Dafne Gonzalez lol
06:06:44 Susanne Nyrop wipes the swweat off her front
06:06:45 Vance Stevens reading above, it seems that the speed of online cc, the fact that it can't be taken back once easily sent ... this is a problem?
06:06:47 Michael Coghlan Thanks for coming Michelle
06:06:47 Susanne Nyrop Bye, Michele
06:06:48 Peter Hillery 2 I'll have a cup - all this listening is thirsty work!
06:06:50 Marita Quaglio I'm liking this more and more !
06:06:55 Susanne Nyrop The chat can be found later in our home area
06:07:01 Dafne Gonzalez Waves bye to Michele
06:07:05 Jane Anderson sinks into seat listening .... and learning
06:07:10 Rita Zeinstejer (Webheads spirit present!)
06:07:25 Susanne Nyrop Marita, did these small interrupstions make you feel better?
06:07:27 Ismail Fayed has joined the chat.
06:07:35 Dafne Gonzalez wb, Ismail
06:07:36 Susanne Nyrop Welcome back Ismael
06:07:48 Marita Quaglio But my typing and reading speeds needs improving
06:07:58 Susanne Nyrop We allow ourselves to play a little
06:07:58 Dafne Gonzalez it comes with practice, Marita
06:08:12 Rita Zeinstejer why, Marita, its not any worse than mine...
06:08:12 Dafne Gonzalez as everything in life
06:08:19 Shunichiro Ito Looks at so much words in the chat window with jet-lag blurred mind.
06:08:26 Ismail Fayed I am not sure if I am using this chat in a proper way, but I am still exploring it ;)
06:08:26 Michael Coghlan :)
06:08:38 Susanne Nyrop I type small messages as fast as I think (almost) - and i often just submiot them without thinking deeper
06:08:39 Dafne Gonzalez way to go Ismail
06:08:53 Michael Coghlan Peter - you're very quiet. Any comments or questions?
06:08:55 Marita Quaglio I'm feeling good thanks and ther's a beutiful big full moon outside my window
06:09:11 Susanne Nyrop Oh yes, shun, this chat window is far too small and the scroll fiunction is not good
06:09:19 Ismail Fayed thanks, daf
06:09:23 Dafne Gonzalez loves full moon
06:09:34 Jane Anderson its much quicker than I expected somehow -
06:09:41 Michael Coghlan OK - back to the topic people.....
06:09:44 Susanne Nyrop even often forget to proof read for typos
06:09:53 Peter Hillery 2 Michael - I'm just enjoying being a lurker for a change - mostly in chats Im the facilitator - I'm enjoying the role change
06:09:53 Susanne Nyrop back to serious!
06:09:53 Michael Coghlan do any webheads have a q thwey would like to pose?
06:09:55 Dafne Gonzalez listens attentively to Michael
06:10:00 Vance Stevens I think also if there are conflicts online they can be more easily resolved online than if they happened offline ... any opinion on that?
06:10:19 Michael Coghlan Wow - quite a statement
06:10:36 Dafne Gonzalez yes, Vance, especially if you are using synchronous modes
06:10:49 Rita Zeinstejer maybe we are more ready to?
06:10:59 Dafne Gonzalez because you can negotiate meanings immediately
06:11:06 Susanne Nyrop Vance, I hope you're right on that. But I do wonder if some people might sometimes just stay away or silent if they feel hurt in an onloine session
06:11:18 Ismail Fayed Wow, this is nice, because we still have a shining sun over here :)
06:11:29 Michael Coghlan That's what I iamgine Susanne
06:11:42 Susanne Nyrop But still I feel that it is how it usually works, by negociating for a kind of consensus
06:11:53 Marita Quaglio about conflict, I was thinking of the last paper I read on the topic of ccc where there were some examples. It seemed to take a lot of communications to sort them out but it did happen in the end
06:12:00 Vance Stevens some here appear to have had problems with perhaps immature participants being a little quick on the draw
06:12:00 Linley Joomjaroen perhaps becuase it's new, people are willing to ask questions without seeming stupid so they clarify possible misunderstandings
06:12:45 Aiden Yeh i think that's what happened to one of my students, she just kept quite and did not say anything while, the other wrote back and apologize
06:13:00 Vance Stevens at least onlne there is the possibility to moderate and reason with those in conflict
06:13:03 Susanne Nyrop Linley, that is so true! you need a safe and supprtiive environment to dare ask all kind of questions, technical as well as professional
06:13:08 Marita Quaglio I'm also not so shy because I don't know anyone (except Jane) but she's cool
06:13:31 Aiden Yeh marita, was it about the students from Taiwan?
06:13:51 Vance Stevens there is a body of research to suggest that online CMC enhances participation of weaker communicators
06:13:51 Rita Zeinstejer do shy people find this medium easier?
06:13:55 Dafne Gonzalez so anonymity is a plus here
06:13:55 Marita Quaglio That was it Aiden
06:14:19 Linley Joomjaroen discovers how to wave back -hopefully!
06:14:23 Susanne Nyrop Rita - I do! :-)
06:14:34 Dafne Gonzalez great, Linley
06:14:34 Rita Zeinstejer :hugs Sus
06:14:43 Vance Stevens Scanlon and Scanlon in the 70s comes to mind, though I'm not near my reference materials
06:14:44 Michael Coghlan You don't strike me as shy Susanne. Are you?
06:14:54 Ismail Fayed .
06:15:05 Linley Joomjaroen she's very shy!
06:15:08 Dafne Gonzalez she is so shy that she left
06:15:10 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
06:15:19 Michael Coghlan and come back!
06:15:23 Dafne Gonzalez lol
06:15:23 Rita Zeinstejer (Sus IS shy,,;-))
06:15:26 Jane Anderson learning, learning: hugs Marita
06:15:26 Aiden Yeh speaking of anonymity, this was the reason why my students posted the kind of message in ruth vilmi's discussion board
06:15:53 Michael Coghlan Can you explain a bit more Aiden?
06:16:33 Aiden Yeh causing the misunderstanding
06:17:02 Susanne Nyrop Do you find that we are anonymous in the Webheads community, Daf? We do have many ways to get people to present who they are - photos, homepages documenting messages and postings, telling personal matters - stepping out of the shadows
06:17:18 Aiden Yeh in f2f classroom, taiwanese students, majority of them are shy and reluctant to speak
06:17:29 Marita Quaglio Yes I'm happy to go witht the flow. You are a good moderator to consider that
06:17:38 Michael Coghlan Ah...but online they WILL speak?
06:17:38 Dafne Gonzalez no, we know each other well, Sus
06:17:53 Rita Zeinstejer we are not anonymous in our Webhead community...
06:17:59 Vance Stevens photos are an important element I think
06:18:04 Dafne Gonzalez I love our photos and home pages
06:18:08 Susanne Nyrop :hits daf with a paper flyer
06:18:18 Shunichiro Ito It's more of fear in my students that keep them from expressing.
06:18:25 Dafne Gonzalez :turns her haid to avoid being hit
06:18:28 Shunichiro Ito Not shyness.
06:18:28 Dafne Gonzalez head
06:18:35 Susanne Nyrop Aiden, were you surprised from the reaction in the Vilmi sdession?
06:19:14 Aiden Yeh taking for example, the case of Jean, in real life she's very timid, but the kind of message "hello, i'm the most beautiful studnet..and.. (mentioning a classmate's name) is so ugly"
06:19:19 Dafne Gonzalez Because of the photos I was able to recognize Vance and Ismail when we met f2f
06:19:31 Susanne Nyrop shun, what kind of fear do your young wo students experience?
06:20:03 Susanne Nyrop Sorry, Shun's students are young women
06:20:09 Shunichiro Ito Fear of not being able to properly express themselves in the language they are learning.
06:20:11 Aiden Yeh no, i wasn't surprised at all, as a matter of fact, it was kinda, expected
06:20:39 Linley Joomjaroen I wonder whether webheads are just yourselves or has webheads created something special?
06:20:56 Susanne Nyrop Do you think the problem was solved, was the conficence from your teacher colleague coming back after this incident, Aiden?
06:21:07 Aiden Yeh i'm afraid that they are traumatized to join future online discussions
06:21:12 Peter Hillery 2 Aiden - in your paper - i was more surprised that Vilmi was not more understanding - rather than surprised at the student's reaction
06:21:12 Vance Stevens (wonders how long this session lasts, as may have to be going soon)
06:21:21 Vance Stevens Hello everybody from the Czech Republic
06:21:30 Michael Coghlan About another 10 min Vance
06:21:55 Dafne Gonzalez Webheads is a large community of language teachers and learners from all over the world, Linley
06:22:08 Vance Stevens Aiden, can you send me the url to your paper through the webheads lists please?
06:22:08 Ismail Fayed has joined the chat.
06:22:21 Michael Coghlan so I guess we are senstive to CCC issues
06:22:29 Vance Stevens A Czech English teacher has just used Vance's address and joined the discussion
06:22:33 Aiden Yeh the problem was solved, no doubt, but, the confidence of the students, that needs some building up
06:22:35 Linley Joomjaroen I mean, individually, are you special when you communicate with each other - happy, stimulated etc
06:22:38 Jane Anderson its all gone in a flash - and where does it go? into c-space?
06:22:42 Vance Stevens The reason there are two vance's here is that I send Lenka the url to join us
06:22:45 Dafne Gonzalez we have some emails lists and we meet every Sunday at noon GMT
06:23:21 Aiden Yeh Michael, can you do the honor of giving Vance the URL to my paper?
06:23:21 Dafne Gonzalez the Webheads community started in 1998, If I am not wrong
06:23:22 Susanne Nyrop Linley, Webheads has created something in me I was not really aware of! I know how to nake many things online, but not that I was also good at working together with others to explore it as a critical friend and study mate.And, we cna also be very serious, talk about personal or professional matters. That depends on the situation.
06:23:26 Michael Coghlan I only see 1 Vance but if you are here Lenka - then hello!
06:23:27 Vance Stevens apparently that containmed my logon info, though I will vouch for Lenka :-))
06:23:28 Rita Zeinstejer we are all stimulated, yes, Linley, respected, pampered...;-)
06:23:58 Linley Joomjaroen yes, I suspected something special
06:24:18 Rita Zeinstejer does it feel?
06:24:20 Michael Coghlan I seriously think webheads have discovered the formula to make CMC work
06:24:21 Aiden Yeh I do feel special, being a webhead
06:24:21 Dafne Gonzalez there is a strong tie
06:25:04 Vance Stevens (the real Vance refreshes his chat screen)
06:25:13 Ismail Fayed we should be comprehesible towards this word, I guess.
06:25:15 Dafne Gonzalez Webheads opened the online world to me
06:25:17 Susanne Nyrop The good ideas often come up in the middle of nothing special in our weekly meetings, and you see how easy it was for Michael to call for his supporters to this event - this is not the first time we meet like this
06:25:50 Vance Stevens (real vance) anyone can become a webhead. It's kind of like being a cyber-hippy
06:25:50 Susanne Nyrop Ismael, which word? I did not get it
06:26:11 Shunichiro Ito Trying to follow the discussion, Michael.
06:26:11 Ismail Fayed me too Aiden
06:26:12 Dafne Gonzalez love and peace
06:26:28 Linley Joomjaroen I wonder whether webheads is really cross cultural, thought, or wether you have created your own cyber culture ?
06:26:47 Michael Coghlan It's both Linley
06:26:50 Dafne Gonzalez any community creates its own culture
06:26:53 Rita Zeinstejer both things,
06:26:54 Michael Coghlan yes
06:26:57 Rita Zeinstejer ;-)
06:26:58 Peter Hillery 2 webhead friends - I have enjoyed your paper in nw2002 and this conversation (even though i haven't participated)
06:27:17 Dafne Gonzalez smiles gratefully to Peter
06:27:18 Ismail Fayed Something wrong with the chat here, I see one line then a dozen lines when i refresh the window this is why u see it late or not on the proper place, Sus.
06:27:20 Vance Stevens Interensting point Linley, but if we are our own culture then it interacts with otehr cultures as people join us online
06:27:29 Peter Hillery 2 I will join a webhead chat sometime - 12 noon GMT sundays? whats the URL?
06:27:39 Aiden Yeh we talked about being ourselves while being a webhead, can this be possible to EFL students,
06:27:45 Linley Joomjaroen maybe, or maybe they just pick up the signals and join in, V
06:27:46 Susanne Nyrop Like herding cats and the intuitive chaos management, some analogies that we have adapted and elaborated to decribe some of the ays we interact and work.
06:27:48 Dafne Gonzalez
06:27:49 Michael Coghlan Cheers Peter - I gather you're leaving.
06:27:59 Vance Stevens Lenka Every Webhead can add a bit of webheadculture to their national ones..
06:28:15 Michael Coghlan Are there other issues anyone would like to raise in the few minutes we have left?
06:28:15 Peter Hillery 2 thanks
06:28:16 Shunichiro Ito To Aiden, depends which EFL students you are talking about.
06:28:23 Ismail Fayed .
06:28:49 Dafne Gonzalez we go around cyberspace spreading our webheads cutlture
06:29:02 Aiden Yeh Asian, Taiwanese for example
06:29:28 Peter Hillery 2 I've got to go to bed - its 11:30 pm in the land of Oz
06:29:41 Aiden Yeh but if being themselves gets them into trouble, how's this possible?
06:29:42 Michael Coghlan 11.00 in Adelaide
06:29:42 Dafne Gonzalez sleep tight, Peter
06:29:42 Susanne Nyrop Dafne has become a true Webheads missionaire
06:29:54 Aiden Yeh nite, peter
06:29:56 Rita Zeinstejer look forward to seeing you at Webheads place..
06:30:09 Peter Hillery 2 good night all - and thanks for everything!
06:30:10 Dafne Gonzalez and we are looking forward to seeing you at our sunday meetings
06:30:17 Susanne Nyrop We will meet again in eleven hours, right?
06:30:30 Dafne Gonzalez I guess so, Sus
06:30:32 Rita Zeinstejer ribght, SUS!!!
06:30:32 Michael Coghlan Jane and Marita - any last comments, q's?
06:30:33 Susanne Nyrop The log from this chat should be somewhere online later
06:30:33 Peter Hillery 2 yep Susanne!
06:30:38 Aiden Yeh LOL, that's right, sus
06:30:39 Ismail Fayed .
06:30:45 Peter Hillery 2 ... in Rabaul - PNG
06:30:49 Jane Anderson so soon, wonderful!
06:30:55 Vance Stevens I must away myself, dinner time here in Pushkar
06:31:02 Peter Hillery 2 bye - I mean it this time
06:31:06 Michael Coghlan OK. let;s wrap it up....
06:31:06 Susanne Nyrop Good to have yuou with us Vance
06:31:06 Dafne Gonzalez it's late lunch time for me
06:31:06 Shunichiro Ito Bye, Vance.
06:31:14 Michael Coghlan ..this all happens again in 11 hours time!
06:31:18 Linley Joomjaroen Great to meet you all!
06:31:18 Vance Stevens Lenka What about national identity as Webheads - do you feel it strong as members of a webbased group?
06:31:22 Jane Anderson bibibib for now :)
06:31:25 Aiden Yeh Marita, I hope that we were able to answer your question somehow
06:31:26 Susanne Nyrop But with a totally different bias?
06:31:26 Vance Stevens all veg, no meat or beer here that I have seen
06:31:36 Dafne Gonzalez bye Jane, nice to see you
06:31:49 Rita Zeinstejer bye, Jane!
06:31:51 Michael Coghlan Thank you all for your participation. The official part of this chat is over!
06:31:51 Marita Quaglio Thanks for this chat. I'll tune in tomorrow if I can. (wonders what time is 12 GMT next Sunday)r
06:31:51 Susanne Nyrop >Indian veggie dishes are very hot and good
06:32:12 Susanne Nyrop Marita, what time do you have now?
06:32:12 Dafne Gonzalez I love indian food
06:32:16 Vance Stevens (real Vance) pan-nationalistic we are
06:32:32 Rita Zeinstejer and now the food part ...;-)
06:32:33 Vance Stevens nice to see everyone
06:32:33 Linley Joomjaroen Goodnight everyone, thanks for the chat!
06:32:42 Michael Coghlan Night Linley
06:32:42 Aiden Yeh short, but lively discussion
06:32:43 Dafne Gonzalez bye Linley, thanks for coming
06:32:45 Rita Zeinstejer thank you, Linlley!
06:32:47 Michael Coghlan Have a curry for me Vance
06:32:47 Vance Stevens I'll join you from my desk in Abu Dhabi next sunday noon GMT
06:32:47 Susanne Nyrop Bye Linley, come back to our discussion anytime
06:32:55 Vance Stevens hope to see everyone there
06:32:55 Ismail Fayed Michael
06:32:56 Dafne Gonzalez rice with curry
06:33:03 Michael Coghlan Ismail?
06:33:04 Dafne Gonzalez and mango chutney please VAnce
06:33:04 Susanne Nyrop dhal with rice
06:33:08 Vance Stevens (lays a finger aside of his nose ...
06:33:18 Aiden Yeh bye, guys, nitey nite
06:33:22 Susanne Nyrop spinach and curry
06:33:25 Marita Quaglio It's 11.30 at night ooooh the moon
06:33:26 Dafne Gonzalez bye Aiden
06:33:34 Michael Coghlan Night Aiden - Thank you. Cya tomorrow?
06:33:41 Ismail Fayed I think this is one of the most funny and nice sessions I had !!
06:33:41 Dafne Gonzalez say hello to the moon for me, Marita
06:33:41 Rita Zeinstejer Ismail has had a problem with his computer, i think
06:34:01 Rita Zeinstejer ah, you are there, Ismail!
06:34:03 Michael Coghlan Pleased to hear you folund it funny and nice Ismail
06:34:09 Dafne Gonzalez Ismail cannot get to TI
06:34:15 Susanne Nyrop Even if your chat field was tricky, Ismael?
06:34:19 Ismail Fayed I think this is one of the most funny and nice sessions I had !!
06:34:32 Marita Quaglio Good night all and enjoy the curry etc
06:34:32 Shunichiro Ito Walking toward his bed mumbling about getting enough sleep before tomorrow's session.
06:34:32 Susanne Nyrop Oh,I forgot - we mostly meet in the mail list :-)
06:34:32 Michael Coghlan Who can be here at tomorrow's session?
06:34:35 Dafne Gonzalez Ismail fell in in love with the parrot feature
06:34:56 Dafne Gonzalez I will, Michael
06:34:58 Susanne Nyrop :bows deeply to sleepy Shun
06:35:11 Susanne Nyrop  
06:35:24 Shunichiro Ito Bye all.
06:35:28 Rita Zeinstejer (its been like a Sunday session, familiar, cosy..., hasnt it?)
06:35:29 Dafne Gonzalez bye, Shun
06:35:51 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
06:35:53 Dafne Gonzalez a short Sunday session
06:35:54 Michael Coghlan OK - time to go. Enjoy the day evderyone. Or bed. Till next time.
06:36:04 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
06:36:09 Dafne Gonzalez bye, Michael thanks for everything
06:36:19 Susanne Nyrop Did I leave and ocme back?
06:36:21 Michael Coghlan My pleasure Daf
06:36:23 Dafne Gonzalez yes, Sus
06:36:28 Michael Coghlan Ciao
06:36:32 Dafne Gonzalez ciao
06:36:38 Ismail Fayed I see it funny, because it comes to me part as a synchronous chat and another part as a "asynchronous" on the same time
06:36:43 Rita Zeinstejer bye, people, CU later!
06:36:51 Dafne Gonzalez bye Rita
06:36:52 Susanne Nyrop again I hit the return arrow :-)
06:37:04 Susanne Nyrop Interesting, Ismael
06:37:05 Ismail Fayed I found part of it like it discussion techniques, then a thread of mesages as in any chat page !
06:37:09 Dafne Gonzalez Sus, have you seen my self-portrait?
06:37:27 Susanne Nyrop No, daf'
06:37:35 Susanne Nyrop How can I see it in an easy manner?
06:37:37 Dafne Gonzalez I posted to the blog section
06:37:43 Ismail Fayed But, pleasent, becuase I have all these webheads and other colleagues and I am really happy to be among you all :)
06:37:56 Dafne Gonzalez thanks, Ismail, same here
06:38:13 Susanne Nyrop aha - I was not aware, I saw the blo was opened, but nobody has poasted anything yet
06:38:26 Dafne Gonzalez yes, there are some things there already
06:39:01 Jane Anderson See you tomorrow, bi for now
06:39:10 Dafne Gonzalez bye, Jane, thanks for coming
06:39:10 Susanne Nyrop many Ismael, I you find other interesting areas in this conference, like Daf & Myszelf do :-)
06:39:24 Susanne Nyrop Oh Jane, see you around
06:39:42 Susanne Nyrop one really has to fast on the keys
06:40:14 Dafne Gonzalez ok, kids, I got to go get some lunch and write a paper
06:40:24 Ismail Fayed I have to go now, and looking forward to see you all tomorrow.
06:40:27 Susanne Nyrop I need to open a second window so as not to lose my chat, to explore the blog area
06:40:32 Dafne Gonzalez I am leaving on Friday
06:40:39 Susanne Nyrop Bye,m bye Ismael
06:40:48 Dafne Gonzalez and have many things to get done before that
06:41:05 Susanne Nyrop Yes, you will lose the rest of our fun here :-)
06:41:05 Dafne Gonzalez professional stuff and house chores
06:41:18 Ismail Fayed bye
06:41:19 Susanne Nyrop WE did have a fine session right now I think
06:41:22 Dafne Gonzalez I will try to connect daily from somewhere
06:41:28 Dafne Gonzalez yes, I liked it
06:41:39 Dafne Gonzalez especially when we started being ourselvs
06:41:44 Susanne Nyrop a good mixture of refelctive wuestioning and instant ideas
06:41:53 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
06:42:19 Ismail Fayed Bye, Sus and Daf. have fun :)
06:42:30 Dafne Gonzalez you too, Ismail :-))
06:42:44 Dafne Gonzalez Sus, see you later
06:42:49 Susanne Nyrop When I left this late night, Bronwyn said to me that she preferred to use the "protocol for chat" - not the very organic style
06:42:58 Susanne Nyrop :hugs you!!!
06:43:09 Dafne Gonzalez She asked me if we had met
06:43:20 Susanne Nyrop I think I have seen her in Tapped IN
06:43:26 Dafne Gonzalez I do not remember her
06:43:40 Susanne Nyrop But because of time zones we do not cross often
06:44:02 Susanne Nyrop She also mentioned her virtual office in tapped In
06:44:19 Dafne Gonzalez that's where she might remembeer me from
06:44:20 Susanne Nyrop So now we can check her out ansd see who she is there :-)
06:44:34 Dafne Gonzalez yeap ;-)
06:44:35 Susanne Nyrop maybe she came for the carnival?
06:44:52 Dafne Gonzalez well, see you later, I am starve and my fish is waiting for me
06:45:05 Susanne Nyrop Tell that fish to swim no more
06:45:10 Dafne Gonzalez lol
06:45:12 Susanne Nyrop enjoy
06:45:19 Dafne Gonzalez hugs Sus bye