Chat Log, 22 August, 2002

01:13:01 Chris Jones Hi, Michael, I thought I'd arrive early and see if anything was gong on.
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01:16:14 Chris Jones Hi, Madonna, It looks like you're another early bird.
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01:27:01 Dafne Gonzalez hi Shun
01:27:44 Shunichiro Ito Hi, Dafne.
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01:28:26 Dafne Gonzalez Hi Rita
01:28:33 Rita Zeinstejer hi, Daf!!
01:28:42 Dafne Gonzalez I am so sleepy
01:28:49 Rita Zeinstejer how are you today?
01:28:57 Rita Zeinstejer feel tired
01:29:16 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
01:29:31 Dafne Gonzalez I went to bed very late last night too
01:29:42 Rita Zeinstejer and still an hour to go
01:29:46 Dafne Gonzalez attending Curtis Bonk's chat
01:29:55 Rita Zeinstejer what was it like?
01:30:02 Dafne Gonzalez it was very good
01:30:12 Dafne Gonzalez I just came from his chat 3
01:30:18 Rita Zeinstejer I read the article you recommended...
01:30:28 Rita Zeinstejer Bonk's
01:30:37 Rita Zeinstejer great ;-)
01:30:38 Dafne Gonzalez but I got there late and they were talking about kids's games
01:30:50 Dafne Gonzalez yes, that's a great chapter
01:30:54 Rita Zeinstejer wow, that's good
01:31:38 Rita Zeinstejer only that there's a big difference between level of English and stds' age,
01:31:39 Dafne Gonzalez yeap, but I had to come here
01:31:55 Rita Zeinstejer and, consequently, intersts
01:32:07 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
01:32:10 Rita Zeinstejer why?
01:32:47 Dafne Gonzalez because it has started 10 minutes ago
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01:33:07 Dafne Gonzalez Hi Chris
01:33:13 Rita Zeinstejer hi, Cris
01:33:19 Dafne Gonzalez let me get some coffee to wake up
01:33:21 Chris Jones Hi, Dafne and Rita,
01:33:34 Dafne Gonzalez Waves to chris
01:33:48 Rita Zeinstejer so nice to see friends around...
01:33:48 Chris Jones See you soon, Daf.
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01:34:27 Chris Jones Rita, I teach ESL and was wondering what you do?
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01:34:35 Michael Coghlan Good morning (in Australia!)
01:34:47 Shunichiro Ito Back again.
01:34:50 Dafne Gonzalez hi Michael
01:34:50 Rita Zeinstejer Chris, I'm also an EFL teacher
01:34:59 Michael Coghlan Only webheads here so far!
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01:35:12 Rita Zeinstejer evening, Mike, in Argentina, hi, !!!
01:35:14 Chris Jones Rita, I thought so. I've seen your name in several posts.
01:35:18 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Hi all--
01:35:19 Dafne Gonzalez Everybody is at Curtis Bonk's chat
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01:35:27 Dafne Gonzalez Hello Elizabeth
01:35:28 Michael Coghlan Back again Jane!
01:35:32 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith I'm in California--awake at last.
01:35:33 Shunichiro Ito Hi, Elizabeth.
01:35:35 Dafne Gonzalez waves hello to Jane
01:35:58 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Hi daf--just saw you over with the Bonk
01:36:04 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
01:36:08 Rita Zeinstejer hi Jane, Elizabeth , Shun
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01:36:24 Dafne Gonzalez Hello Frankie
01:36:25 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Hi Shun--good to connect with you again. I've been seeing "fishbowl" messages and discussions everyone--nice response you did
01:36:26 Rita Zeinstejer hi, Frankie and SUS!!!
01:36:26 Chris Jones I'm in Arizona. It's great to be communicating with folks in such different parts of the world.
01:36:26 Michael Coghlan We'll start in a few minutes...
01:36:31 Dafne Gonzalez hugs Sus
01:36:33 Susanne Nyrop just arrives from the B-log front
01:37:16 Jane Anderson Hi there everybody - I'm lucky enough to visit for a second time!
01:37:24 Dafne Gonzalez Sus, thanks for your message about my self-portrait
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01:37:42 Susanne Nyrop :hugs Daf, Rita, Chris, Michael, Jane and Elizabeth and bows to Shun who perfer it the Japanese style
01:37:46 Dafne Gonzalez Nice having you again, Jane
01:37:52 Michael Coghlan 2 Frankies?
01:38:00 Susanne Nyrop hi Frankie, welcome here
01:38:05 Dafne Gonzalez clonning allowed
01:38:10 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith To Chris: are you the Chris Jones who wrote the book "Using Computers in the Language Classroom"?
01:38:25 Susanne Nyrop Sometimes your name wioll come up twice if you have made some extra login
01:38:28 Frankie Forsyth 2 Hi all, just had to reset my chat pref
01:38:30 Chris Jones To Elizabeth; No , sorry.
01:39:22 Michael Coghlan I think it's time we got started....
01:39:30 Michael Coghlan Welcome to this chat session. I am about to begin by copy and pasting some introductory information.
01:39:48 Susanne Nyrop slowly, please :-)
01:39:52 Michael Coghlan Welcome to this chat session presented by the Webheads community on Cross Cultural Communication Online. A lively discussion elsewhere on the conference site has been going on for 3 days already, and has raised many issues in connection with this topic.We have no idea how many people may attend. The Webheads#2019 philosophy has always been
01:40:15 Michael Coghlan #2018open house#2019. I will however ATTEMPT to moderate the session. It will be structured, as far as possible, around specific questions from participants, or questions posed by the co-presenters. I will try and indicate when we should move on to another question.We may have times within the hour where we have free flowing unmoderated chat.I, as the
01:40:42 Michael Coghlan moderator, may at times type in CAPITAL LETTERS to gain attention of the group. If you see me typing in capitals please finish what you may be typing and pause.As tempting as it is to do your own thing in online chat, please try and stay on task as much as possible. Note: this chat does have an eject user facility!!
01:41:23 Michael Coghlan OK - got all that? Would webheads people like to introiduce themselves to Frankie?
01:42:26 Chris Jones Hi, I'm Chris Jones. I teach ESL at a community college in Arizona.
01:42:29 Michael Coghlan Jane - apologies for doing the same thing over again
01:42:55 Shunichiro Ito I teach EFL at a Tokyo college.
01:43:00 Dafne Gonzalez I am from Venezuela, doing my doctoral dissertation in Spain. I teach English to Architecture Students. Being a Webheads since January this year
01:43:08 Rita Zeinstejer I'm an EFL teacher in Argentina, Multimedia Coordinator and Area Manager for Advanced classes in a private Institute
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01:44:01 Rita Zeinstejer (wb,Sus)
01:44:07 Susanne Nyrop Sorry,lost connection
01:44:12 Michael Coghlan Thanks Chris and Rita. I am a bit surprised at how few people we have here, but that makes life a bit easier.
01:44:27 Susanne Nyrop I am studying online education in denmark, Europe'
01:44:48 Susanne Nyrop Thereare more chat session going on right now
01:45:02 Michael Coghlan Rather than put the spotlight on Frankie, are there issues webheads would liekt o raise in this isession? Anything coming from the onlien discussions?
01:45:05 Frankie Forsyth 2 Hi everyone, thanks for the intros. I run a small Registered Training Organisation (RTO)am Scottish, live in Australia and love online facilitation
01:46:00 Frankie Forsyth 2 I don't mind Michael - actually I was interested in the idea you had to live in a country to 'know' the culture
01:46:12 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Hi Frankie--I'm a newbie in Webheads, but have worked with computers and online stuff since the mid 80s. I also have taught a grad seminar in sociolinguistics lived overseas in various countries for many years, so I feel comfortable with CCand lived
01:46:30 Michael Coghlan I find that an interresting assertion too Frankie.
01:46:48 Michael Coghlan And of course how well can you know a culture if you sdon;t live there?
01:47:06 Jane Anderson Hello again, I work for the New South Wales Dept Education and Training, Multicultural Programs Unit here in Sydney - I can see the harbour from my window as I greet you!
01:47:18 Michael Coghlan Can you commnunicate online successfully with Chinese people if you have never been to China?
01:47:34 Michael Coghlan Thoughts?
01:47:35 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
01:47:43 Frankie Forsyth 2 It was the connection between having high level multi cultural skills and having to live ther to be able to assert that.
01:48:21 Frankie Forsyth 2 I think you could communicate with Chinese people meaningfully - perhaps not as deeply but that would come over time
01:48:31 Michael Coghlan Yes, and this idea of high level skills is curious....
01:48:33 Chris Jones I responded to that in the discussion, and I think the problem was in "high level."
01:48:51 Frankie Forsyth 2 Sure - I haven't caught up on latest posts
01:48:59 Rita Zeinstejer what is meant by "high level"?
01:49:01 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Frank Tucker I think said in the discussion that you won't really be able to process what you see in a culture without some "book learning" too.
01:49:06 Dafne Gonzalez what is it meant by high levels?
01:49:48 Frankie Forsyth 2 Eliz - I agree! when I first came to Australia I had to find a translation book - even though we all spoke English!!1
01:50:09 Michael Coghlan Anyone want to attempt a definition of 'high level'?
01:50:30 Susanne Nyrop HIgher order learning will take place in the metareflection area, when you can think back on a situation or a te4xt, and make new uncertanding by examining and discussing it
01:50:57 Frankie Forsyth 2 Ability to get 'inside the skin' of another culture and be accepted as a member
01:51:05 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith One sign of not having "high level" CC is getting angry when things don't go "right" or seeing someone from another culture as "rude" when in fact they are responding to different signals than one expects.
01:51:43 Michael Coghlan OK. Can you exhibit these 'high level' skills online?
01:51:48 Rita Zeinstejer this I can connect with my stsd inability to understand puns in Eng, even when they have reached an advanced level
01:51:51 Susanne Nyrop Differetn learning theories try to help us understand how important it is not to rely on just tyransferring information to another open brain, but get that brain involved in a circuit
01:52:06 Susanne Nyrop yes, definitely Michael
01:52:15 Frankie Forsyth 2 Yes Michael I think we can
01:52:24 Jane Anderson It could be a high level of self awareness and monitoring, and also high level respect, respect and respect?
01:52:45 Frankie Forsyth 2 Ohh I like that Jane
01:53:03 Chris Jones I think some of this respect can come from just being considerate of others thoughts or ideas.
01:53:15 Michael Coghlan And if we can then exhibit these skills (respect,online do we need a book to learn then? etc)
01:53:25 Susanne Nyrop I would say that activites such as discussing what happedned in an earlier chat session, or describing a classroom situation can help a group to get hold on new thinking
01:53:52 Frankie Forsyth 2 It can help to understand other's high respect areas...
01:53:53 Chris Jones You can learn more about the typical ideas of the culture, but you can learn an individual's ideas from a book.
01:54:04 Frankie Forsyth 2 eg never ask a Scot how much they earn!!!
01:54:15 Frankie Forsyth 2 But it's ok to ask an Aussue
01:54:18 Michael Coghlan I'll remember that Frankie!
01:54:22 Frankie Forsyth 2 LOL
01:54:27 Susanne Nyrop Books are wonderful media - but to pass them from one place to another demands envelopes, stamps and messengers. ONline p apers run faster a
01:55:03 Chris Jones You can learn a lot about a culture by reading books or articles online.
01:55:23 Michael Coghlan But that does help ypou communicate with qan indiviidual?
01:55:28 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith One example from online: in a live chat some students might expect the teacher to talk more, while an american student might expect to talk more. This can create anger in the former and bewilderment in the latter. (Shun--do you recall this??)
01:55:31 Chris Jones You can also learn by listening to radio stations from other parts of the world.
01:55:38 Dafne Gonzalez Can we talk about the "typical ideas of a culture", Chris?
01:55:55 Susanne Nyrop Yes, Chris,longer texts DO exist, such as the whole digital lot of collected Shakespeare :-)
01:56:18 Shunichiro Ito No, I don't. Elizabeth, but I can understand what you are getting at.
01:56:19 Jane Anderson Are we now talking about the difficulty in balancing a framework to make meaning with each person being a unique individual?
01:56:42 Chris Jones I'm just saying you can add to your knowledge of a culture by reading about it, but you also need experience with real people.
01:57:18 Frankie Forsyth 2 Yes, and not offending cultural norms - eg having a Cyber bar could offend nondrinkers
01:57:24 Susanne Nyrop Real people are unique individuals :-)
01:57:49 Jane Anderson So is that a general framework to check out with individuals?
01:57:55 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Chris is so right there.
01:58:17 Dafne Gonzalez We are real people, doing CMC
01:58:33 Chris Jones I think you have different communication online than you do f2f.
01:58:39 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith One of the things books can help with are understanding what is typical culturally and what is an individual's own quirks.
01:58:49 Frankie Forsyth 2 Jane, not clear on your quesetion
01:58:53 Chris Jones However, there are benefits to both online and f2f communication.
01:59:00 Frankie Forsyth 2 BRB someone at door
01:59:14 Michael Coghlan (the real world impinges on VR!)
01:59:30 Dafne Gonzalez you get to know your students better and faster using synchronous modes than in a f2f class
01:59:36 Susanne Nyrop My mother liked to read aloud from the telephone book - she imagined each name as na indivitual - and I AM being serious here :-)
01:59:57 Michael Coghlan I think your mother was a bit strange then.....:)
01:59:58 Moira Bishop 2 has joined the chat.
01:59:59 Chris Jones I would agree with Dafne though I haven't taught online.
02:00:06 Rita Zeinstejer I agree with Daf, same
02:00:09 Susanne Nyrop Hello MOira, welcome
02:00:17 Dafne Gonzalez hi Moira
02:00:27 Rita Zeinstejer hi, Moira
02:00:34 Moira Bishop 2 Jane I can't see anything in the chat room I'm in!
02:00:57 Jane Anderson Big hug for Moira, you made it!
02:01:04 Michael Coghlan But we cann see you Moira!
02:01:14 Moira Bishop 2 Tha's ok I'm in now - hi to everyone
02:01:16 Jane Anderson back in a tick
02:01:24 Chris Jones I do find that I get to know my students better by requiring them to write online journals.
02:01:33 Frankie Forsyth 2 Back now
02:01:51 Michael Coghlan We're talking about an individual and how they might or might not brepresent theor own culture
02:01:53 Frankie Forsyth 2 Chris are they open to all to see?
02:02:15 Chris Jones The journals are open to other students in the class, not outsiders.
02:02:43 Frankie Forsyth 2 Great - and are they encouraged to respond to each other's posts?
02:03:24 Chris Jones Yes, they are, but they usually don't unless I require it. This class meets f2f so the journals are in addition to in class meetings.
02:03:31 Michael Coghlan And are these studnets from diff cultures?
02:04:16 Chris Jones Most who do journals are Mexican. However, in another class my students send emails to partners in another country.
02:04:44 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith There was an interesting comment in the discussion that age and other factors can also create cross-cult. miscommunication. Chris--is your class homogeous?
02:04:52 Jane Anderson What have been some of the delights of these exchanges?
02:05:05 Michael Coghlan My experience tells me that studnets are innately fascinated in writing to people in other countries
02:05:21 Dafne Gonzalez My students expressed their preference for synchronous modes of communication
02:05:33 Michael Coghlan Chat then?
02:05:51 Chris Jones my class that does email exchanges is mostly Mexican/Spanish speaking. I make a point to find a partner class that is not Spanish speaking so that the students have to use English to communicate.
02:06:18 Dafne Gonzalez they said they learned more with theinteractionand collaboration of group chat tasks
02:06:40 Chris Jones Students tend to find out that they have a lot in common in terms of liking similar activities and how they spend their free time.
02:06:53 Dafne Gonzalez if you set information gaps tasks they will need to communicate, Chris
02:06:57 Jane Anderson what sorts of tasks are they asked to do?
02:07:07 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith I had a bad conflict between a Mexican student and a HongKong student, but that was age and educational experience more than cultural, I believe. Are there any conflicts inthe e-mails?
02:07:42 Chris Jones However, abortion is an interesting issue. Most Mexicans would not consider one and are quite astounded that someone else would.
02:07:47 Shunichiro Ito Yes, Michael.
02:09:02 Chris Jones Also, a group of 18-20-year-old French Canadians was rather outspokenly unhappy when they discovered that my class/their partners were often 24-45.
02:09:11 Michael Coghlan And someone else oin the discussuoo area mentioned the example of MUslim woemen covering their face
02:09:25 Michael Coghlan Chris - was that cult issue?
02:09:51 Shunichiro Ito I've found there are maturity gaps between cultures.
02:10:10 Michael Coghlan Ah - interstijng Shun. Examples?
02:10:14 Dafne Gonzalez what do you mean Shun?
02:10:46 Shunichiro Ito My girls are 19-20 but they are not as socially mature as, say, American girls of the same age.
02:11:04 Michael Coghlan I see
02:11:05 Dafne Gonzalez isn't that an overgeneralization?
02:11:09 Chris Jones I don't consider the age problem a cultural issue, but we were able to resolve it. Students in both classes need to be taught to be considerate of partners' feelings.
02:11:27 Shunichiro Ito I'm speaking about the girls in my class.
02:12:06 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Shun, you confirm an observation I had made also.
02:12:11 Dafne Gonzalez American girls of the same age may have different levels of social maturity
02:12:21 Michael Coghlan Good point Daf
02:12:24 Shunichiro Ito Happy to learn that, Elizabeth.
02:12:26 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith I do think of age as part of the cultural mix.
02:12:45 Shunichiro Ito I do too.
02:13:11 Chris Jones Shun, why do you think your students are less mature? Does it apply to most female students in your country or your situation?
02:13:14 Shunichiro Ito A survey here found college students here don't consider themselves grown ups.
02:13:53 Michael Coghlan I had only considered age in the context of some cultures havinmg much a more hierarchical attitude to age
02:14:14 Chris Jones Shun, do you think this is true of the male students as well?
02:14:15 Michael Coghlan you know - you must respect your elders
02:14:28 Shunichiro Ito The survey covered both sexes.
02:14:28 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Shun, do the students still live at home, or do they go away to college?
02:15:03 Shunichiro Ito There is an expression "parasite singeles." This explains a lot, I believe.
02:15:03 Jane Anderson Interesting to think about what the markers of an adult are and how they are applied across a variety of cultures
02:15:30 Shunichiro Ito singles.
02:15:56 Michael Coghlan And what are parasite singles?
02:16:38 Shunichiro Ito Young people living with their parentes even after college education or getting jobs.
02:16:47 Rita Zeinstejer in Argentina thats the case,as well
02:17:21 Rita Zeinstejer and i'd agree it affects maturity
02:17:25 Chris Jones I've read that that is becoming more common in the US, but it is because the young people want to have nice cars, eat out, etc.
02:17:26 Michael Coghlan brb -
02:17:26 Shunichiro Ito Parents don't want them to leave their homes and kids enjoy not having to pay for entire costs of living alone.
02:17:52 Rita Zeinstejer right, same here
02:18:06 Rita Zeinstejer but that has a price, as well
02:18:15 Shunichiro Ito Interesting to know it Rita.
02:18:26 Shunichiro Ito Core of the matter is parents don't want them to grow up into adulthood.
02:18:27 Michael Coghlan back again
02:18:31 Dafne Gonzalez but how does this affect CCC online
02:18:36 sysop 2 has joined the chat.
02:18:38 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith I would expect in many cultures a single person would be expected to live at home until marriage. For "developed" countries it's economics vs. desire for freedom vs. parental guilt.
02:18:58 Rita Zeinstejer matutity, self confidence, freedom
02:19:14 Jane Anderson do you think they need more support and guidance in their learning?
02:19:14 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Jane--you had some ideas on that, i think?
02:19:18 Chris Jones Dafne brought up a good question.
02:19:54 Michael Coghlan Yes - can we relate all this back to CCC online?
02:20:02 Shunichiro Ito It's a matter of matching two classes in synchro/asynchor CMC.
02:20:16 Maryanne Richardson has joined the chat.
02:20:17 Dafne Gonzalez ?
02:20:26 Maryanne Richardson Hi there
02:20:33 sysop 3 has joined the chat.
02:20:33 Dafne Gonzalez Hello Maryanne
02:20:45 Frankie Forsyth has joined the chat.
02:20:56 Michael Coghlan OK Shun. Wouldn't eb inyteresting to match 2 classes that were quite diff culturally!?
02:20:59 Maryanne Richardson We seem to be having "technical difficulties" :)
02:21:51 Maryanne Richardson At least we are now in the same room, even if we are different
02:22:12 Robby Weatherley has joined the chat.
02:22:15 Maryanne Richardson Hi Dafne
02:22:20 Chris Jones Actually, I find that the most difficult part is to keep all the students interested in the email exchange. Some lose interest after a few exchanges. Other courses seem more important to them.
02:23:02 Michael Coghlan You need specific tasks Daf to maintain interest
02:23:15 Dafne Gonzalez I say again that the task is very important to keep students engage
02:23:19 Jane Anderson Is that linked to maturity?
02:23:19 Maryanne Richardson has joined the chat.
02:23:33 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Back to Shun's idea of matching classes: I think at least some matching would be good, e.g. the Orillias project matches similar classrooms in cross-cultural projects and curricular studies.
02:23:47 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Interest of older students are quite diffrerent at at Ruth Vilmi's site.
02:23:47 Michael Coghlan And is identifying the task an issue that needs to take culture into account? I imagine it would be..
02:23:50 Maryanne Richardson Hi there, I am still having trouble. Never mind, I will go with it.
02:24:34 Chris Jones Where can you get info. on Orillias project?
02:24:52 Michael Coghlan Orillias project - URL?
02:25:16 Susanne Nyrop has joined the chat.
02:25:36 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Their Website is, I believe, or you can google it.
02:25:53 Dafne Gonzalez it has to take into account students' interests, learning styles, background knowledge, ages
02:25:59 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith It's Denis Sayers project--the basis of his book with Jim Cummins.
02:26:16 Dafne Gonzalez and the tasks needs to be challenging
02:26:16 Maryanne Richardson I will check it out, sounds interesting
02:26:38 Shunichiro Ito I agree with Daf about learning styles which are affected by culture.
02:26:55 Chris Jones Usually, you won't find a perfect match, so you have to go with the closest thing.
02:27:16 Dafne Gonzalez well, I did not say that, learning styles are individual, not cultural, in my opinion, Shun
02:27:35 Shunichiro Ito Oh, yes? I question that.
02:27:44 Frankie Forsyth yet culture has an impact - eg Polish students tend to need more feedback
02:27:50 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith An aside: is correct.
02:27:53 Dafne Gonzalez otherwise that would by stereotyping
02:28:15 Maryanne Richardson Shun, how are laerning styles cultural? please explain
02:28:37 Frankie Forsyth maybe not a learning style but a learned cultural expectation
02:28:43 Jane Anderson it looks like we're back to the tension between a general framework and the unique individual?
02:28:59 Dafne Gonzalez yes, Jane
02:29:04 Maryanne Richardson OK - that is different then?
02:29:34 Shunichiro Ito I'd like to but time is running out for detailed discussion.
02:29:54 Michael Coghlan We can contiune it in the discussion area
02:30:04 Frankie Forsyth That would be interesting
02:30:38 Maryanne Richardson I agree with Frankie
02:30:48 Michael Coghlan Maryanne - are there any issues or q's you'd like to raise before we conclude?
02:31:00 Michael Coghlan As you cam in late...
02:31:24 Dafne Gonzalez What would be methodological consequences of having cultural learning styles?
02:31:32 Maryanne Richardson No thank you, I think more detail in the discussion area would be good.
02:31:56 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith A good article in LLT tends to support Shun very strongly: "Early Effects of Technology on the..Choctaw Lang Community,"
02:32:02 Susanne Nyrop Sorry that we lost connection before - I also lost the grip of our discussion :-(
02:32:20 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith In fact that whole issue has some excellent examples.
02:32:21 Michael Coghlan Daf and Shun - I know I'm asking abig favour, but perhpas you two could post your 'opposing' views in the discussion forum?
02:32:24 Shunichiro Ito Thaks, Elizabeth, I'll take a look at it.
02:32:27 Frankie Forsyth Me too (re Susanne) Have to go now. Thanks for the great chat.
02:32:50 Susanne Nyrop When we speak about learning styles, I thiink we are moving into the area of multiple intelligences?
02:33:04 Dafne Gonzalez right, Sus
02:33:48 Susanne Nyrop And, then we can think about having more than justprinted text in the backpack
02:33:52 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith One methodological issue is that the Choctaw do not compete, so lessons have to be geared to the slowest learner. "No one fails."
02:34:19 Maryanne Richardson you mean like mulitple literacies?
02:34:27 Susanne Nyrop Very true, Elizabeth
02:35:26 Michael Coghlan And an Australoian example: Australian Aborigines have an lamost comolete lack of questioning in the way they learn. They watch and listen; not ask
02:35:46 Susanne Nyrop Where I come from, it is often not considered a good thing to learn kids to be outstanding and excellent
02:36:05 Dafne Gonzalez I usually give my students MI protocols at the beginning of a class, and they are so many individual differences
02:36:12 Michael Coghlan We are out of time people...
02:36:17 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Very similar to what has been observed with certain Am-Indian cultures.
02:36:30 Susanne Nyrop :looks at the wall clock
02:36:30 Michael Coghlan ...thank you so much for coming. Esp thise who assisted in both sessions
02:36:32 Dafne Gonzalez there are
02:36:42 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Out of time--oh no!
02:36:45 Susanne Nyrop One last word to daf?
02:36:48 Maryanne Richardson OK, Bye and lets continue to deabate in the discussion area
02:36:49 Shunichiro Ito We stress harmony and try to avoid confrontation at all times.
02:37:00 Michael Coghlan We can stay here and continue of course but the 'formal 'part is now overe
02:37:16 Jane Anderson Bi and thanks everybody!
02:37:29 Dafne Gonzalez bye, Jane, thanks for coming twice
02:37:31 Susanne Nyrop Goodbye, JaNE
02:37:33 Michael Coghlan And I have to attend to non-conference tasks.
02:37:43 Chris Jones Thanks everyone. It's amazing how ideas can fly so fast as our keys rush over the keyboard!
02:37:50 Michael Coghlan Thanks everyone. Goodbye from Down Under
02:37:56 Dafne Gonzalez right, Chris
02:37:57 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Hope you will post some threads on these discussions, Michael.
02:37:58 Susanne Nyrop I will look forward to see our chatlogs
02:38:02 Rita Zeinstejer thanks, Michael, bye!
02:38:06 Michael Coghlan Ciao
02:38:15 Elizabeth Hanson-Smith Bye all!
02:38:21 Susanne Nyrop Well, bed is calling!
02:38:23 Dafne Gonzalez bye Elizabeht
02:38:24 Shunichiro Ito Thank you, Michael for fine job of moderations. Bye, Elizabeth, good to have talked to you.
02:38:25 Jane Anderson Where do we see the chatlogs, pls?
02:38:34 Rita Zeinstejer thanks everybody, bye!
02:38:41 Chris Jones Talk to you all later!
02:38:46 Susanne Nyrop Jane, keep an eye in the homepage for this discussion
02:38:46 Dafne Gonzalez I hope they will be posted in our discussion board
02:39:29 Susanne Nyrop I am sure they will - I don't know if they are edited a little, like we do in Tapped In and Webheads
02:39:29 Jane Anderson thanks, bi for now
02:39:38 Dafne Gonzalez bye Jane
02:39:44 Susanne Nyrop Bye jane
02:40:02 Susanne Nyrop Finally alone :-)
02:40:07 Susanne Nyrop Giggles
02:40:09 Dafne Gonzalez yeap
02:40:38 Susanne Nyrop Too bad we had so little people around
02:40:53 Dafne Gonzalez yeap, most people were at Curtis's chat
02:41:10 Susanne Nyrop ButI think we have been so lucky to get involved with this whole conference
02:41:17 Dafne Gonzalez me too
02:41:32 Susanne Nyrop I went to see how Curt was doing. not many people there , either
02:41:52 Susanne Nyrop But I also think there were more chats now
02:42:01 Dafne Gonzalez Well, I was there before coming here, andthere were manypeople
02:42:06 Susanne Nyrop The calendar was crowded
02:42:12 Susanne Nyrop oh
02:42:23 Dafne Gonzalez but the topic was not as interesting as yesterday's
02:42:35 Susanne Nyrop I got so occupied with the blogging that I lost my sense of time and space :-)
02:42:50 Dafne Gonzalez I fell asleep and woke up at 2
02:42:57 Dafne Gonzalez and rushed to the computer
02:43:20 Susanne Nyrop My powerbook computer is incredibly overheated
02:43:52 Dafne Gonzalez this chat was very different from the previous one
02:43:53 Susanne Nyrop I have been online for more than ieght hours, since dinner time
02:43:59 Susanne Nyrop yes
02:44:09 Susanne Nyrop We got blocked by the technical trouble
02:45:01 Dafne Gonzalez yes, I wondered where you had gone
02:45:07 Susanne Nyrop And, maybe it was not the best idea to have only elven hours in between
02:45:40 Dafne Gonzalez maybe
02:46:09 Susanne Nyrop I was alone here in the chatroom for a long while, then someone else came in, too - Maryanne and Georgie , and mailed to the sysop
02:46:26 Dafne Gonzalez sysop was here
02:46:26 Rita Zeinstejer has joined the chat.
02:46:46 Susanne Nyrop Sysop came in here and asked us to leave and login again
02:46:50 Rita Zeinstejer has joined the chat.
02:47:11 Susanne Nyrop Rita was here, but not for the chat?
02:47:27 Dafne Gonzalez Rita was here in the chaat
02:47:39 Rita Zeinstejer has joined the chat.
02:47:51 Dafne Gonzalez she is having problems it seems
02:47:59 Rita Zeinstejer has joined the chat.
02:48:11 Dafne Gonzalez that's funny
02:48:12 Susanne Nyrop I see Rita joining and leaving many times times
02:48:20 Dafne Gonzalez me too
02:48:50 Susanne Nyrop Good - I was not sure we were seeing the same ,-9
02:48:59 Dafne Gonzalez if I write a url here you can project it there
02:49:10 Dafne Gonzalez using the parrot feature
02:49:19 Susanne Nyrop well, very soon you will not see me either
02:49:25 Susanne Nyrop aha?
02:49:36 Dafne Gonzalez yes, a new window pops
02:49:36 Susanne Nyrop show me?
02:49:41 Dafne Gonzalez ok
02:49:57 Dafne Gonzalez
02:50:13 Dafne Gonzalez copy it and click on it
02:50:26 Susanne Nyrop Yes - how lovely!
02:50:32 Susanne Nyrop Did you discover that?
02:50:39 Susanne Nyrop Why did they not tell us :-)
02:50:40 Dafne Gonzalez Rita and I , yesterday
02:50:52 Susanne Nyrop we're the exp
02:50:57 Dafne Gonzalez I sent a mail to our group
02:50:59 Susanne Nyrop explorers
02:51:09 Susanne Nyrop I get totally lost in emails
02:51:09 Dafne Gonzalez but it seems it did not get you
02:51:23 Dafne Gonzalez I read and delete
02:51:25 Susanne Nyrop NO . I have had no group mail today
02:51:37 Susanne Nyrop Oh . is it bouncing?
02:51:46 Dafne Gonzalez I mean I sent it to the CCC team
02:51:57 Peter Shanks has joined the chat.
02:51:59 Susanne Nyrop I will have to clean up my mailbox again
02:52:02 Susanne Nyrop Hi Peter
02:52:22 Dafne Gonzalez no, but nobody said anything about it, so I imagine it did not reach you
02:52:37 Dafne Gonzalez hello Peter
02:52:46 Susanne Nyrop Sure thing, I would have sued that feature righht ahead :-)
02:53:07 Dafne Gonzalez it is like TI projection feature
02:53:24 Susanne Nyrop Peter, did you come for the Cross cultural session?
02:53:48 Susanne Nyrop That was over some time ago :-)
02:54:34 Susanne Nyrop Ok, bedtime!
02:54:38 Susanne Nyrop :hugs daf
02:54:47 Dafne Gonzalez yeap ready to hit the sack
02:54:51 Susanne Nyrop :Waves bye to our guest
02:55:08 Susanne Nyrop :clicks the leave buutton
02:55:09 Dafne Gonzalez see you tom. Sus
02:55:19 Susanne Nyrop yes, see you